My Reading Spot Featuring Lorie from Pure Imagination

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It’s Friday people!!!!! Also, we have another edition of My Reading Spot!

Do you recognize this Blog Button? It’s Lori from Pure Imagination. Lori is a wonderful blogger who also focuses mainly on YA books and she has some reallc nice features! One of them I do really love it’s YA on TV – where she talks about our favorite TV shows. Love this feature, because apart from reading I have an unhealthy addiction to some TV shows! She’s also co-host together with Candace and Angela of the awesometastic Spring Blog Carnival where we are part of and about which I’m super duper excited!!!! (See Sidebar, this pretty button!) But, you might know Lori also from another source… she’s a super talented Blog Designer! She does beautiful Blog Designs (Imagination Designs) and you should definitely check her if you are looking for a new look!

But now, she’s here to show us her Reading Spots!!!


I’m so, so excited to be on My Reading Spot and I want to think Bewitched Bookworms for inviting me! Aren’t they just fabulous? I’m so happy to show y’all my most favorite reading spots.

My number one favorite spot to read is in bed! There’s nothing better than getting in my PJ’s early and curling up with my book and my kitties. In the picture there’s only one cat in the bed, but if I’m reading there’s usually at least 4 with me. That makes for a very comfy reading experience. And it sometimes makes me way too sleepy to read. I read for at least an hour every night after work. On Sundays my hubby is at work in the evening so I get hours to read in bed! It’s pretty amazing.


The majority of my reading takes place in the morning and early afternoon on the couch. My husband works 3rd shift so he sleeps all day and that gives me lots of uninterrupted reading time. It usually ends up with a game of how many cats can fit in my lap. The record is 3 but I don’t have any photographic evidence of that, unfortunately.
I’m an extremely routine (and maybe a little compulsive) person so I tend to always read at the same times everyday. If I miss some of that reading then I tend to stress just a little. It’s probably not a good habit to have, but what can you do?


For the last couple of months I’ve always been reading while on my exercise bike. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it makes the time go by much faster. I’m hoping to get some audiobooks soon just to have for exercising!

That’s all my reading spots! I had so much fun showing you guys and thanks again to the Bookworms for having me! 🙂


Loooove these pictures!! There you see, Lori is a pure designer and made such pretty pictures! This bed looks incredibly cozy, I could jump right in for some reading… Your Cats are the cutest – can I come by and cuddle them?? Oh and this bookmark is perfecting *giggles* Thanks for stopping by!!!

Happy Friday  – Much Love,

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24 Responses to “My Reading Spot Featuring Lorie from Pure Imagination”

  1. Haha omg your cats are adorable! Mine comes and takes up the space in the crook of my leg when I’m sleeping. I love animals 🙂 And that couch looks super comfy. I love how there’s a winder right behind it you must get tons of light and fresh air!!

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    Lori 5/4/2012

    I usually have 4 or 5 that sleep with me. O.o I need a bigger bed just to accommodate the cats. 😉
    Lori recently posted..Review: Timepiece by Myra McEntireMy Profile

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  2. Oh my gosh, KITTENS! So. Darn. CUTE! It makes me wish my mom’s boyfriend wasn’t anti-hair-everywhere because then I’d definitely petition to get one! :’) And I really love the way Lori took her pictures — if only my phone camera could be as professional as that haha… But aside from that, I love to listening on the books when I go out for walks too! I only have one right now so I kind of listen to it on replay, but I’m trying to get more! x)

    Love your post, Lori! And I hope you have a fantabulous Friday, Danny! 😉 <3
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..Cover Love & Reveal: Super Sequels Edition!My Profile

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    Lori 5/4/2012

    I’m pretty anti hair everywhere but I still somehow ended up with 6 cats… 😉

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    Danny 5/4/2012

    Mimi -Sweetheart! I wish you a wonderful Friday yourself!!! :))
    Audiobooks are fantastic!, you should get some more. Let me know if you need any recommendations for good audios!
    Danny recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Lorie from Pure ImaginationMy Profile

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  3. Awwww look at your kitty! He/she is trying to help you read, that’s so considerate:) My dogs often try to assist me when I’m reading and they mostly snot all over the pages or the Kindle which is super. Very, very helpful. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

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  4. Lori- That is the most precious bookmark I’ve ever seen!! God does your bed look comfy. I’m afraid if I settled down on that I’d go right to sleep! It makes me sleep just looking at it. Your exercise bike on the other hand would never make me sleepy! LOL

    You’ve got great reading spots! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review- The Selection by Kiera CassMy Profile

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    Lori 5/5/2012

    I think Harley makes it look more comfy. That cat can make the most uncomfortable places look heavenly. 🙂 I bet she would even make the bike look comfortable. 😉

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