My Reading Spot Featuring Missie from The Unread Reader

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Happy Friday people and welcome to:

I can tell I’m über-excited go have Missie here today. Missie and I go way back, we started Book Blogging around the same time and both came from Twilight blogging. We were both a little confused at the beginning about what is a meme etc etc. Then we shared some love for Julie Kagawa and discovered NetGalley. But most of all, I will be forever grateful because Missie introduced me to the Fever Series! Yes, it was her! (And we might or might not have finally called a truce in our ever ongoing battle for Barrons, we agreed he’s man enough to be shared…)

Missie runs the most awesometastic blog The Unread Reader and apart from writing awesome reviews she hosts the best meme ever: My Book Boyfriend. I picked up tons of books just because Missie showed me how the hot boys in the books could look like.

Today we even have a special post today because Missie send me a Vlog! Her first over and she’s super cute, I just love her! So watch to video to see where and how Missie reads.


Missie from the Unread Reader:


Oh I loooooved this Vlog!! Seeing Missie’s house was wonderful. And Gosh I’d love to have a treadmill or something like that at home, maybe I would do a little more sports for once… But I bet audiobooks are definitely helping there, I do this when I go outside to walk in the part – oh, I need another round – hehe!!! I can totally relate to this urgent need to go to goodreads to find out more after reading an awesome book, I do the same! I need to know when or what comes next:-))

I love that you are reading when waiting to be seated and my family would also be mad at me *giggles*

Thank you so much Missie!!

And now, Happy Friday and much love,


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19 Responses to “My Reading Spot Featuring Missie from The Unread Reader”

  1. DANNY!!!!

    Oh, how we go back! I’ll always remember those days of struggling to get started and not having a clue of what to do. But I’m so glad I had you there with me for support! *Texas sized hugs*

    Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this really fun feature. And I appreciate you accepting my first vlog! I’m sorry I got all nervous and kept repeating myself.

    P.S. I worked out a Barrons sharing plan for us. I get him 95% of the time and you get a whole 5% of the time! I know, I know. I’m so generous! No need to thank me. Just enjoy. 🙂
    Missie, The Unread Reader recently posted..Kiss Me, I’m Irish read-along: Chapters 11-15My Profile

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    Danny 3/16/2012

    Oh Missie!! That was a time right? Where we both had no idea and look at us now??!!! *huggles*

    I’m so happy to have you on the Blog today, thank you so much for sharing this epic video and .. you really looked professional!

    P.S: I just talked to Barrons about that, and .. he disagrees. He says he likes Germany and Munich so much better since he’s faster at home, so he says 95% with me and 5 % with you works fine for him!
    Danny recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Missie from The Unread ReaderMy Profile

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  2. Oh wow what a fun featured post! Plus I <3 Missy she's awesome! This is like book blog cribs!! Bahaha. So cute! And I love the red reading pillow I did not know that even excited!! WAAANT!!

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    Missie, The Unread Reader 3/16/2012

    Book blog cribs!! LOL! Love that. Thanks Giselle!
    Missie, The Unread Reader recently posted..Kiss Me, I’m Irish read-along: Chapters 11-15My Profile

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    Danny 3/16/2012

    Missie is the most awesome !!! I love her, totally! And I want that red pillow too!!!
    Danny recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Missie from The Unread ReaderMy Profile

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  3. Hi Danny! Happy Weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Do you celebrate in Germany? Missie is one of my favorite bloggers. Loved her cute little post. Some hot book loving guy needs to come and snatch her up! She is too cute. I know about taking the Kindle everywhere, I always had mine at the Obgyn while I was pregnant you know all those visits and the waiting..E readers are the absolute best!
    Heidi recently posted..Hounded Read Along Week 3 (Friday Forecast and Between Cover Reveal After)My Profile

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    Danny 3/16/2012

    Happy Weekend!!! And yes some of us do celebrate St.Patrick’s Day. Here in Munich there is a big festival!

    Missie is one of the loveliest and cutes persons ever, I LOVE her Boyfriend post. How she always finds those hot looking guys? I have NO idea!

    I love my eReaders and … seriously I can’t live without them! Thanks for stopping by Heidi!
    Danny recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Missie from The Unread ReaderMy Profile

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  4. I love the vlog! And your house looks so cozy. I totally love those couches and that pillow on the bed?! Pure awesomeness. I so need to get into audiobooks more, especially since we just got a training bike and I have my over 1 hour walk per day for uni. Also–I’m the same with the Kindle, LOL. I think my family’s stopped caring my now. At least I don’t read while I’m eating? Hahah. But I definitely squeeze in some reading every chance I get. Like smaller breaks at school, with the Kindle app for android. 😉
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Review Copy Cleanup Challenge — Don’t Be Such a Tease!My Profile

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  5. I love Missie! And it’s so great getting to see her reading spots! I walk and listen to audio too but I split it between the elliptical and my elliptical has a bad squeak so listening to audio has been difficult.
    I love reading in bed and get my most read at night.
    I too read while waiting in line, etc. But my family doesn’t put up with it so it’s only when they aren’t with.
    Thanks for sharing Missie!
    Candace recently posted..Interview (& Give@way) Christina Henry for Black Howl Tour!My Profile

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  6. Awesome video Missie! It was nice to see your reading spots. I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the audiobooks on the treadmill. I’ve been in the market for a treadmill but sort of dreading it at the same time. But what a fabulous idea! I will definitely think about doing that because I really love the idea of both multitasking and giving some motivation to keep on walking…

    Also gotta say, our bed setup is like the same. It’s so funny. I have one of those reading pillows on my side of the bed too because I like to read for about an hour before going to sleep. It drives my husband crazy cause he likes to watch tv before bed. But that’s what ear plugs are for — compromise. 😛 lol

    Anyways, loved your spots!

    ♥ Sarah @ I’m Loving Books
    Sarah recently posted..Giveaway: ARC Copy of The Calling by Kelley ArmstrongMy Profile

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  7. Missie and Danny-

    That was great! Such a great idea about the treadmill. I have one in the room where I keep all my books. I have a clasp on mine where I can hook a book. Maybe that would motivate me to exercise. Maybe.

    I love seeing where you read!! Your couches look so comfy! And you look like you have a great reading light beside your bed. I’m going to have to get one of those. And I love your bookshelves!

    Thanks for sharing!
    hrose2931 recently posted..Review Demons at Deadnight by A& E KirkMy Profile

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  8. Woo Missie!! I am honestly jealous of people who can listen to audio books! I just can’t do it. And I love those couches.. I love when they have deep seats like that. Lol.. I’m so weird – I notice the moist random stuff.

    Love the video! <3
    Christy (Love of Books) recently posted..Dear DaemonMy Profile

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