ThisIsTeen Awesomeness!

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I must say that I love Scholastic!

Why, you ask?

Because they totally brought the WIN
when they planned the This is Teen tour!

Yup, someone really smart at Scholastic said,

“Let’s get Libba Bray, Meg Cabot and Maggie Stiefvater
to go on tour together, people would like that, right?”

Answer: HELLZ TO THE YEAH!!!!!

And the event last night in Naperville,
hosted by the ever full-of-wonderment
Anderson’s Bookshop
was a big winner.

Again, why, you ask?

Because last night,
not only did the authors
tell us a little about themselves,
and their books,
and make us go all fangirl crazy
(which of course both they and we did, but I digress…)
but Libba Bray did Madlibs with us.



It was so, so much fun!!!!

No seriously, that’s not the visual I’m going to leave you with!
It’s just too much fun!

Stacey from PageTurners Blog got it all on film,
so once she posts that bad boy,
you know I’ll share it with you guys here as well!


Maggie wore a wolf hat
that Greta knitted for her!!!


Look…I have proof:

And clearly she in NO WAY thinks I’m a lunatic right now. Right????

And Libba Bray


It was so great! She even hopped up and hugged me.
After which I was in such a daze I barely got my book signed,
forget having the presence of mind to ask for a picture with her,
which is why the only picture I took of myself last night was this:

Is it me, or does that swimsuit really emphasize my assets? *wink*

Anyway, the night was made of win!

Thank you again to Scholastic for putting it together,
Anderson’s for hosting it,
and Libba, Meg and Maggie for making it so much fun to attend!

You all rock!

Now go and get lost…in a book!

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