The Dark Days of Supernatural Recap

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Ok, so we weren’t really THAT bad, but…

Yes, the Dark Days of Supernatural event
at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville was one exciting night!

In case you don’t know who we were able to see
(and really, if you don’t, we haven’t been squeeing loud enough),
the line up Tuesday night was:

(authors shown in order below)

And they were so, so wonderful!

Since there were five of them,
they opted to eschew the longer introductions
one normally hears at these events
and jumped right into the Q & A portion of the evening.

And we were on duty right away,
frantically typing and videoing and clicking away on the camera
to make sure all of you who were watching at home on the live feed
were able to get as close to the experience of being there as possible.

Here we catch Pushy listening instead of typing. Bad, Pushy!
You should be interacting with the folks on the live feed!!!
But she is sitting next to the super-awesome Amy Plum, so…

Ellen, Veronica, Aprilynn, Pushy, Heather, Amy and Tara…

Note Pushy and Heather are wearing their very own
Bewitched Bookworms t-shirts!

Yup, we class it up when we head out
and it’s all because of the fantabulous ladies at

founded by none other than our super-duper creative, Heather!

Again, we’d like to say how thankful we are to Anderson’s
our local independent bookstore
for hosting this event

They had signs and balloons and the whole nine yards. It was like an author fiesta!

and to HarperTeen for making it happen in the first place!


And if you are in any of the other locations,
we highly recommend checking out on of the other events.
You can check out the full schedule here.

And don’t forget to follow
the Dark Days of Supernatural
on Facebook and on Twitter
because they have tons of extra special content available!

Much Love,

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15 Responses to “The Dark Days of Supernatural Recap”

  1. AHHHHHH! I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE WITH YOU! I miss you guys like whoa. Pushy, the picture of you listening instead of working is hilarious. I love it:) And congrats on being asked to be such a vital part of the tour, you guys are crazy awesome.

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  2. Cathy

    Having seen you squeal in the presence of authors at the BEA, I can imagine your reaction at this event. I am enjoying following your blog.
    Cathy, ninja mom in law

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  3. Oh, Jenny!!!!!!!!! You would have made this event so much more fun!! Plus you would have adored the little boy sitting in the front row who was clearly on crack! And while I appreciate the vote of confidence, allow me to say that a trained monkey could have done my job. Larry, the tech guy at Anderson's, made my job SO easy. AAAAANNNNDDD I still managed to drop the feed and loose all the questions. But, we won't talk about that. 😀
    My recent post Review- Angel Burn by LA Weatherly

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