The Fury by Claudia Lefeve

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The Fury(Amazon, Goodreads)
by Claudia Lefeve (Website, Blog)

Published on April 15, 2011


A victim of a horrible crime.

The two star athletes that share a secret.

And the small town that must repent.

The Fury is a horror novella of approximately 10,000 words.

All sales from April 15 through May 15, will benefit Pandora’s Project ( in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April).

My Thoughts:

Abby and Sam are best friends, about to graduate high school in their small Texas town. Like all small towns, everyone knows everyone else’s business. And like most high schools, their is one last party to celebrate graduation – full of drinking and some kids aren’t on their best behavior.

Abby has never attended one of these parties, but her best friend Sam convinces her to attend. The gossip mill has been in full force throughout the year that some of her female classmates have been taken advantage of, even against their will. But Abby doesn’t give the rumors so much weight since no one has come forward to say that crimes have actually been committed.

That is until it happens to her. In one tense, painful moment she realizes that she has fallen victim to the predators. But will she be like the other girls and remain silent, or will she stand up for herself and press charges? Once she decides to bravely air her accusations and go to the police, she finds that her fight has just begun — against the small minded town who thinks that certain people can do no wrong, against her own father who doesn’t believe her, and against her own dwindling self confidence and self doubt.

Help and support comes into Abby’s life from a surprising stranger. I really like the twist with who this stranger is who will support Abby and her decisions, as well as enact a little retribution on the town who spites her.

The Fury is an enjoyable read, full of emotion and accurate details of what a small town can be like. The twist with Abby’s savior was unexpected and highly enjoyable. I would really love to read a novel-length piece featuring these beings and the wrongs they seek to right.

This novella is very entertaining, real, and all proceeds from it’s sale are going to a worthy cause through May 15, 2011. Please pick up your copy today.

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    Sounds great! Haven't heard of this one but it is definitely something I'll look into especially to support such a good cause!


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