Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Recap:Week 8

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Welcome to the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Recap!! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by this week’s discussion post and left an answer. We are particularly excited to see that some of you are planning to read along with the discussion here. *happy dance*

If you haven’t had a chance to read this week’s discussion post by Greta (aka Erikasbuddy) and Uhyesplease, you can find it here. And all the information about the discussion (complete with the schedule of chapters and dates) and it’s accompanying contest, is available here.

This week’s discussion question was:

What is your theory about this title?
What do you think Beautiful Darkness represents?

Excellent question!!! Here’s what you all thought.

Britta said:

Maybe the title is from Lena’s POV, if that makes sense. Before she was so against going dark, but here she kind of accepts it. She she’s that it can be beautiful in its own way.

Susie from Apples N’ Feathers thought:

I believe it comes down to temptation and the hold that it has on Lena throughout the book so far. To her the darkness is looming and calling her, maybe even soothing her. To her it may be a way for peace. It is beautiful. It could also be Ethan’s feelings toward Lena even as she pulls from him. Even to Ethan her darkness is beautiful.

Darkfallen had a similar opinion:

I think it means that Lena is going to go dark and as you know Ethan will follow her anywhere. There is something beautiful in the fact that her will follow her into the dark.

Greta said:

I actually thought since Beautiful Creatures were humans then beautiful darkness would be the dark side of the food chain – vampires, werewolves, demons leather punk rock yummy boys (A rariety in the Carolinas)…. Cuz if witches can exist then why not bring on the bad boy broodys that will make us go squee?

and elizabeth agreed:

Like erikasbuddy, I think that Beautiful Darkness does represent the non-mortals. It might mean that darkness can be beautiful too. Maybe it has to do with Lena going dark?

Great answers! We’re glad you stopped by and commented! If you missed your chance to comment on last week’s post, there’s still time to answer the question and get your entry into the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Contest. And keep your eyes out for this week’s post, coming to you on Tuesday by blogger/librarian, Drea from Book Blather!!

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