Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Recap:Week 3

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Welcome to the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Recap!! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by this week’s discussion post and left an answer. We are particularly excited to see that some of you are planning to read along with the discussion here. *happy dance*

If you haven’t had a chance to read this week’s discussion post, you can find it here. And all the information about the discussion (complete with the schedule of chapters and dates) and it’s accompanying contest, is available here.

This week’s discussion question was:

From what you know so far,
is Lena pushing Ethan away
to protect herself
or him?

Oh, Lena….why must you push Ethan away??

Some of you felt it was clear that Lena was protecting Ethan.

Britta said:

Lena has always pushed Ethan away, even in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, for his own good. Alot has changed in BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, but Lena hasn’t, in my opinion at least. Her fears, and inner emotions have just been escalated to greater proportions in BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS.

Others weren’t so sure.

Elizabeth said:

Lena has been so hot and cold that she is just confusing me!

Isalys agreed:

Up to the last scene on this post, I felt that Lena was trying to protect Ethan in her own way. I think she figured that if she distanced herself, physically & emotionally, she could protect him from her volatile powers. Compared to her, he was so fragile…

However, I do agree with OnePushyFox that in trying to “protect” Ethan she also tried to protect herself. She was so hurt from losing Macon and his death sent her to such a dark place, could she really have handled losing Ethan too?!

And still others of you were pretty fed up with Lena by this point.

Heather said:

I thought that Lena was pushing Ethan for her own selfish reasons at this point in the book.

Which Britta seconded:

I wanted to slap Lena at most parts in this book. Just like I wanted to slap Edward in New Moon and Jacob in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

Great answers! We’re glad you stopped by and commented! If you missed your chance to comment on last week’s post, there’s still time to answer the question and get your entry into the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion Contest. And keep your eyes out for this week’s post, coming to you on Tuesday by one of our favorite bloggers, Suzie from I Adore Books and Film!!

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  1. ShaDean

    Lena's pushing Ethan away for herself, but not for selfis reasons. When he's happy, she's happy, when he's bored, she's bored, and when he's sad, she still feels his pain. She doesn't want to be sad anymore, especially considering how she thinks she's turning Dark, and because of the Binding Spell situation, she's even more depressed, which makes Ethan depressed, and in turn, Lena becomes even more depressed. I understand why she pushes him away.

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