Something new here at the Bookworms – Need your help!

Posted 8 May, 2010 by Danny in / 17 Comments

When I did the Layout for Wicked Walker she showed me the new comment system she wants to add to her blog. I saw the same already at Mindful Musings. In the beginning I was not convinced, since it still seems easier to comment via the normal google account. But, I had a closer look at it and wooohoooo I saw the wonderful possibilities this gadget has!

It’s called Intense Debate and I will tell you why I love it
Go to IntenseDebate
One thing I always missed at blogger was the possibility to reply to certain comments, sometimes you just want to reply to a special comment and now you can do it!
That’s a plus!
Second, It has nice little and cute features like smileys. They might not be important but I simply like it!
Third, it has a pretty cool feature called Comment Love. When you are a blogger yourself ( any platform) then you can add your webURL and Comment love adds your last blogpost to your comment. I love that. So by leaving a comment you also leave a direct link to your blog! Great hu?
Also, you can logg in with your Twitter account if you don’t have a blog and this is truly cool as well, since some readers and commenters don’t have a blog they just love to read and comment. So, just log in with your Twitter account!
I’m still working on a Facebook login, so far I haven’t set it up, but I will do that!
Btw, you have an wordpress site? Then you can simply log in with that too!
Truly the easiest way is just to set up an intense debate account, and it doesn’t take long to do that but this makes is most comfortable. So if you often comment then I would recommend sign up for a account. I have the feeling we’ll see this gadget on more blogs in the future.
Endless possibilities!!!!!
Ok now I ask you! All of you, Readers, Lurkers, Bookworms, Bloggers … all of you, please would you try it and tell me if you like it? Pretty please test this with me and leave your thoughts!

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17 Responses to “Something new here at the Bookworms – Need your help!”

  1. Of course, I email you telling you that the comment thing isn't different. But here it is. I really like how you can tweet your comment when you sign on with twitter. I also like how you can subscribe to the new comments, which was something we couldn't do before. Since there are several of us that comment here, we don't get reply notifications to keep on top of the comments from our individual posts. And I'm not the best about going back to check them. I really like this comment app!
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  2. Oh and you know what? I just figured out how all of us can get an email notification for new comments. Woohhho!!! Pushy will love that. 😀

    I really love it too, glad you like it as well!!!

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  3. I loved the feature at first, but then I had some bugs with it and ended up taking it down. From what I've heard, it works great on some blogs, and other have issues with it. I love the idea though, so hopefully it will work for you! 🙂
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  4. I LOVE this new comment system but I have yet to change mine. I find they're much more convenient and of course, smilies and responding is a huge plus!

    Also if you have gavatar account (like for WordPress), it shows your avatar!

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  5. I just saw you removed it. too bad it didn’t work out for you! We will try it out here and hopefully we don’t have major problems, although I saw that some of my comments didn’t get posted. Don’t know why though.. I keep an eye on it!

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  6. I love the idea, but I tried it out for about a month and ended up taking it off. I had extra characters added in when I replied via email and the support guys couldn't figure out why. Then it went down for hours one day and no one was able to comment on my blog. I got fed up and removed it. I hope it works better for you though!

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  7. cutie

    Well, you know my dearest Danny, how I feel about change (*stubborn*). I've always been a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kind of girl. I agree this seems neat. However, I'm also a very simple girl and all the options confuse the heck out of me and make me scared to comment! LOL (I'z have the dumb.) But if everyone loves it you know I'm game. And as long as it doesn't confuse or scare away commenters I have no idea why we wouldn't change it. Blah blah blah ramble ramble. I *heart* you.
    I knew my bestie kg would love all this! hehehe

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  8. I know Sweetie! But see it like that have you been happy when we changed your layout into your Meadow? Was that a good change, or a bad one?

    I will personally set up an account for you! 😉

    Actually that is also my biggest fear, do we scare people away? Well, when I look at the comments from TMI post it doesn't look like this. But I agree with you and we should keep an eye on it.

    KG loves gadgets just like me *giggles*

    Oh and I love you for trying!

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  9. IntrovertedJen

    Oh, and I just got an email from their support guys. I had asked about exporting my comments back into blogger and apparently something is broken and you can't do that. They can't say when it will be fixed. Ergh. 🙁 So I hope you like it, but if you start questioning it, I wouldn't wait too long to ditch it. You don't want yo lose comments like I seem to have. I think they have a great idea, they just need to do a lot more testing before it's ready for use.

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