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Hope everyone is having a great summer! I’ve spent the last several months catching up with my favorite series, reading one after another to get back into my happy place after an extremely stressful last few years.

This series is called “Catching Up With…,” where I will post my quick thoughts on the series that I left behind since I’ve had precious free time. My love for the series and authors didn’t disappear, even though I might have moved on to different genres in the meantime.

First up, I caught up with the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series by my favorite paranormal author J.L. Bryan. Watch out for reviews of books 10 through 19 in the coming weeks. I’ve also returned to Isaac Marion‘s Warm Bodies world for the final two installments in the series.

Look out for my review of The Monster Museum, J.L. Bryan’s Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Series #10 this upcoming Friday.


Enjoy books of any form, and I hope you all can read what makes you happy!


Upcoming Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series Reviews:

All books are available on Kindle Unlimited

The Monster Museum (Book #10)

Fire Devil (Book #11)

The Necromancer’s Library (Book #12)

The Trailwalker (Book #13)

Midnight Movie (Book #14)

The Lodge (Book #15)

Cabinet Jack (Book #16)

Fallen Wishes (Book #17)

Sunset House (Book #18)

The Funtime Show (Book #19)

Upcoming Warm Bodies series Reviews:

The Burning World (Book #2)

The Living (Book #3)


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