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It’s this time of the year again! The Goodreads Choice Awards votings just started!! Unbelievable, but we have already November and the year is over in 2 month…

I decided to share my votes based on the Goodreads Awards and… I am seriously excited to hear your votes!

Goodreads Vote Link 

I just LOVE and adore this series!! It’s fun, it’s awesome has kick ass characters and the best audiobook ever!!

My Iron Druid Chronicles Review 

Goodreads Vote Link

Totally and freaking adored this book!!!!!! Still have to review it, but it was amazing. Fun, sexy and filled with a little angst!

 Goodreads Vote Link 

Seriously, I have NO idea how to vote here… I have 2 Authors I became to love so very much this year, that I have no idea who is getting my vote ;(((


I LOVE Wendy Higgins – and I absolutely adore and love Katie McGarry like crazy! Both are wonderful woman and I just can’t be able to choose!

Goodreads Vote Link 

Clearly, Pushing The Limits will end up high on top on my favorite reads of the year! Katie McGarry is amazing, and PTL was fantastic and had everything I’m looking for in a book! Love, Romance, strong Characters and emotions! sooo many emotions!!!

My Review 

Goodreads Vote Link

YEAH!! I was so excited seeing Sweet Evil among the Nominee’s. Sweet Evil totally blew me away and I was devastated when the sequel was up in the air! It totally made my day when Wendy finally announced that Harper picked up the sequel!! WOOOT!!!

 My Review 

So those are my votes! I didn’t vote in the other categories as I haven’t read any books from the nominees..

Now, I am dying to hear how you voted!!!

And if you haven’t voted, what are you waiting for, go and add your voice! 🙂

Much Love and Happy Saturday!


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5 Responses to “The Danny Choice Awards – Danny votes on Goodreads”

  1. Great votes! I was torn between voting for Pushing the Limits and The Fault in Our Stars since I loved them both that much but in the end I chose TFiOS. Just for the buckets and buckets of tears I shed. I really should pick up Sweet Evil soon!

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  2. Kristin

    I haven’t read Sweet Evil yet, so that’s not even on my radar. I’ve been hearing so much about On Dublin Street but it just sounds too…something, for me. When I see a book show up with the Fifty Shades series, I tend to avoid them. But I can’t wait to see your review to find out exactly what you loved about it.

    It was hard because I loved the Lux series and The Selection but I ended up voting for Cinder, Easy, Sins of the Demon by Diana Rowland, Plague Town by Diana Fredsti and Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen, among others.

    It’s freaking tough to vote when there are so many books out there that I loved this year!

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