Vote for the best Sweet Hope Cover! Round 1

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Guys… I am amazed and speechless, so is Wendy! The entries for the Sweet Hope Cover Design have been incredible-amazing-phenomenal and mind-blowing!

Wendy and I are stunned and thrilled!

So, now we finally get to the voting and this means YOU have to vote!

All of you!

And to all of you amazing designers and Sweet Evil (or shall I say Kaidan) lovers!

Get your friends to vote!

Spread the word and get more entries, tweet, facebook, blog… ! Also, since we have so many entries we do 2 Rounds of Voting!

The best 6 will enter into the final round of voting! Also, just one cover of each “designer” can enter the final round!

Help to spread the word:

You can use this tweet if you want to spread the word! Use, #SweetHope as a hashtag.

Vote for the best #SweetHope Cover Design @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins 

Note: We all desperately want the Sequel Sweet Hope! So by spreading the word, you increase the buzz about this book we all so desperately want!! And maybe … we finally get some news on the sequel! The more we talk, the more the publisher can not ignore the awesomeness that is this book!  Let’s spread the love! 


The winners name will appear in Sweet Hope! Wendy Higgins will name a character after YOU!!! So, the prize is epic my friends. And… I am actually pretty sad i cannot enter myself… I would die to see my name in the same book/world as Kaidan..


  • each person can vote once (vote here!!) 
  • you can vote for as many designs as you want!!
  • Voting runs for one week until August 31st
  • best 6 designs go into the second and final round of voting. *
Note: I know the price is epic! But, please only vote once! I can track and manage the votes! So, please be fair!

*unless, the votes are very close, then we will adjust the number of entries for the final round


VOTE HERE (click me, yes you!!) 

You will get directed to another site with a special poll created for this contest, it was all too large to post it here 🙂   Since there are so many, please scroll down to see all of the entries. We want this to be fair.

Much Love,





Here are again all entries, names and number are above the corresponding cover design.

Leave a comment to tell which one you love the most, all those awesome designer would love the feedback!

But don’t forget to VOTE!!! (click me)

See the entries also:  Pinterest Board and facebook and of course follow twitter to for updates! 

Entry # 1 – Danni from Pagemarks        Entry # 2 Sasha @ The BookShelf               Entry#3 Veronika

  Entry #2 Sasha  

Entry#4 Veronika                                     Entry#5 Veronika                                  Entry #6 Simone 


   Entry #7 Simone                                   Entry #8 Simone                                 Entry #9 Danielle


 Entry #10 Danielle                                                                Entry #11 Danielle


Entry #12 Mandy                                    Entry #13 Sarah                                      Entry #14 Sarah


 Entry #15 Sarah                                     Entry #16 Regina                                    Entry #17 Regina 


Entry #18 Kajal                                                               Entry #19 Kajal 


Entry #20 Hawa                                    Entry #21 Hawa                                      Entry #22 Hawal


Entry # 23 Aseel                                       Entry #24 Kajal 


Entry # 25 Lyla                                                     Entry # 26 Lyla


  Entry # 27 Lyla                                                       Entry #28 Karen 


Entry # 29 Jenny                                   Entry # 30 Jenny                                 Entry # 31 Jenny


  Entry # 32 Markell                                                                Entry # 33 Markell


   Entry # 34 Markell

  Entry # 35 Britanny                                      Entry # 36 Britanny


 Entry # 35 Alyssa


 Entry # 38 Lynn                                     Entry # 39 Lynn


Entry # 40 Julianna

 Entry # 41 Kaylaj                                              Entry # 42 Kaylaj


Entry #43 Jessica                                          Entry#44 Krysha


 Entry#45 Jadie


 Entry#46 Jadie                                                                     Entry#47 Heather 


Entry#48 Alex                                       Entry#49 Alex


Entry#50 Heather                                                                    Entry # 51 Kaylaj


Entry # 52 Alyssa                                            Entry #53 Tara


Entry #54 Sam                                          Entry #55 Danielle


Entry # 56 Danielle                                   Entry # 57 Danielle


Entry # 59 Kaylee                            Entry # 60 Kaylee



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24 Responses to “Vote for the best Sweet Hope Cover! Round 1”

  1. I’m just blown away by some of these covers Danny, they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m really hoping this contest brings a little more attention to Sweet Evil and Sweet Hope, because I need this series to continue like I need to breathe. I LOVE YOU KAIDAN!

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  2. Shawn Maravel

    I’m torn between #2 and #31
    They are both really elegant looking and well-made. Though if I had to chose I think I’d pick number #31. 🙂

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