The Iron Legends Court Tour – kick off!

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Can you see the smile on my face?

This is me being super excited to kick of an super exciting Tour that is running the next two weeks!

Well, you all know what a big huge, crazy fangirl I am about everything that has the ring Iron Fey on it. And, this tour is going to be super special because it will get you ntroduced to the whole series, going through all the books in the series and explains you the basic of each court.

Traditionally in Fairy Land we have  Summer and and Winter Court ,in  Julie Kagawa’s Nevernever we have an additional court, born in our tech related world: The Iron Court.


Short Intro into the main characters of the Iron Fey series:

Meghan Chase

Half-Fey, Daughter of Oberon (king of Summer Court). She learns about her heritage when her brother Ethan is abducted into the Nevernever and she’s going to rescue him. Later, Meghan is becoming the Iron Queen.

Court: The Iron Court.

Books – Iron King, Iron Daughter, Iron Queen – plus Winter’s Passage (Novella) – also plays a big role in Iron Knight (see below)

Ash – Ashallalyn ‘Darkmyr Tarin

Ash is our brodding, sexy Faery Prince. Dream of many girls around the world, but Megahn is the girl who keeps his heart. He’s teh younges son of Queen Mab.

Court: Winter Court, later .. Iron Cout

Books: Iron Knight – book is told from his perspective, but he is a mjaor player in all Iron Fey Books

Puck – Robin Goodfellow

Puck is Meghans best friend, but also was fighting for her heart. He was Ash’s best friend and they are just now trying to get back to where they were before. Always funny, always a smile on his face and always up for some shenanigans!

Court: Summer Court

Books: Summer’s Crossing (Novella) and Iron Knight – but he is a mjaor player in all Iron Fey Books

Short intro into each court

(text quoted from the Iron Fey homepage

The Summer Realm aka Arcadia or the Seelie Court

It is all things in abundance: music and light, heady aromas, lush textures; heavy with greenery, fruit and flowers in colors unimagined by humans. Peopled with tiny winged faeries and massive trolls, elven knights, satyrs and centaurs, it is ruled by the Faery King Oberon—Meghan’s father.


The Winter Realm aka Tir Na Nog or the Unseelie Court

It is a world holding its breath: bleakly beautiful and austere, with snow-covered forests and frozen fountains glittering as if in suspended animation. Inhabited by goblins and redcaps, ogres and phoukas and ominous statues frozen alive, its crystal palace is ruled by the Faery Queen Mab—Ash’s mother.

The Iron Realm

Encroaching on Faery like a cancerous growth, it is a blasted and barren land, with a sulfurous sky raked by rusty winds and choking fumes. Nothing grows here but heaps of obsolete junk: twisted metal and discarded silicon rising skyward in an otherwise featureless sea of searing sand.


This world is rich, the stories told amazingly and incredibly awesome. Once you are dran into this world there is no turning back.

The Iron Legends

Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository

Enter the world of the internationally bestselling Iron Fey series. Dangerous faeries. Heartbreaking romance. Thrilling action and limitless adventure. The world of the fey has never been so powerful. This collection includes three novellas set in the world of the Iron Fey plus the Guide to the Iron Fey with exclusive information about Julie Kagawa’s unforgettable world of Faery.Winter’s Passage

Never make a promise to a faery. They always come to collect. Now Meghan Chase must fulfill her promise to Prince Ash of the Winter Court and embark upon a dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory—while being pursued by a relentless new foe and guarding her own foolish heart.

Summer’s Crossing

What can turn enemies into reluctant allies? A call from the Exile Queen, Leanansidhe, ties legendary prankster Puck to his archenemy, Prince Ash, on a journey that may end in betrayal and will set them both on an irreversible path.

Iron’s Prophecy

Before she ever knew what she might become, Iron Queen Meghan Chase was warned by the oracle that her firstborn child would bring nothing but grief. And even as Meghan and Ash celebrate their long-awaited union, the prophecy stirs.…

Three Iron Fey novellas for the first time in print!

This tour will take you on a journey which will be exciting for fans and Newbies alike! Each Tour Stop will feature another book in this series and represent one of the 3 Courts.

Plus, the best part..:

There will be a unique and exclusive Giveaway! Each Court is giving away a special designed and exclusive Bracelet. This Bracelets can only be won during this Tour. They are unique pieces, beautifully designed for each Court!

Stunning hu? And, what do you have to do for a chance to win?

Simple! Follow the Tour, choose a court and .. have fun!

Tour Schedule:

Monday, August 20th- Bewitched Bookworms – today! 
Tuesday, August 21th – Page Turners – Court: Summer – Special Post from Julie 
Wednesday, August 22th – Harlequin Blog – Court: Iron – Book Iron King
Thursday – August 23th – Alison Can Read – Court: Summer – Book Iron Daughter 
Friday, August 24th – Wastepaperprose – Court: Winter – Book: Winter’s Passage – Special Post from Julie

Monday, August 27th- Mundie Mom’s – Court Summer – Book Iron Queen, Summer’s Crossing 
Tuesday, August 28th – – Court: Iron – Special Post from Julie 
Wednesday, August 29th – The Unread Reader – Court: Winter – Book: Iron Knight 
Thursday – August 30th – Supernatural Snark – Court: Winter – Book: Iron Prophecy, Iron Legends 
Friday, August 31th – Bewitched Bookworms – Court: Iron – Book: Iron Prince

So guys! Isn’t this an amazing price? Did you read The Iron Fey books and are a big fan like me?

… and which Court would you belong?

Much Love,

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79 Responses to “The Iron Legends Court Tour – kick off!”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I feel so horrible because I haven’t read The Iron Fey series. I do have the first book in my TBR pile but I have a feeling that I’ll read it, love it, and have to buy all the others. XD That would be totally cool if I hadn’t spend a billion dollars on books this summer. UGH! Life is so unfair!!
    Ashley recently posted..Hush, Hush by Becca FitzpatrickMy Profile

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  2. Heather

    This looks amazing! This is one of my all time favorite series. I’m so glad there will be more books coming out. Thanks for the great post!:)

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  3. OH, This is SO cool! I recently finished The iron fey series and I totally loved it <3 I'm definitely going to stop by every blog to take a look. I love the idea of the frozen mountains, but I can't stand the cold. The Iron court is only my favorite because of Ash and Meghan, but I also would love to go to Summer court: there is my favorite Puck ^^
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted..Showcase Sunday (11). First ARC!My Profile

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  4. SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS DANNY! And to be promoting the Winter Court (I love you Ash!) I’m such winter girl, give me lots and lots of snow and I’m a happy camper:) Really looking forward to following each leg of this tour, thank you so much for including me:):)

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  5. OoOooo I am so excited seeing you all so excited with me!!! Truly, this tour is going to be epic and I cannot wait for all the posts!
    Danny recently posted..Lengths by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt – MiniViewMy Profile

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    Victoria 8/20/2012

    So how does this work? I don’t exactly understand how to participate…..

    Reply »

    Danny 8/20/2012

    Follow the tour and each tour stop will feature a different court and will have the bracelet giveaway for you. We just kick off the tour here today to get you all exited :-)) but the posts and the prices are worth following up each day ;-))

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    Victoria 8/20/2012

    So all I do is just click on the links each day? And what do I do for the bracelet give away do I like comment on something?
    Thanks for helping me understand this:)

    Danny 8/20/2012

    There will be several options to enter, one is tweeting one is choosing a court etc etc.
    And yes those giveaways will appear at each of the following tour hosts. Tomorrow the Page Turners will have the first giveaway for you… If you stop by every day, this means more chances to win, and more awesome posts to read!

    And…Friday next week, also here at the Bookworms.

    Victoria 8/20/2012

    Ohhh ok now I see what u mean. Alright thank you!:)

  6. Sarah

    I want them all!! But alas i cannot 🙁 I read the books in 4 days (1 day each) and got absolutely nothing done but it was SOOOO worth it. And now the series is one of my favorite series. I am totally in the Winter Court.

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  7. WOW!!!! Sounds amazin!! well i ofcourse choose IRON, becouse i liked it from the start couse it wasnt perfect like the other would gladly seem to be.
    many hugs from Jaana 🙂

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  8. I would choose The Iron Court. Why? Because its unique and shocking. Considering it was like you said “cancerous” to the rest of Nevernver, but its so futuristic and technologic. Also, i LOVED this series. Its my favorite series next to The Mortal Instruments(: It was just so shocking. The conflicts and the surprises were awesome. I love Ash as well(: Thank you!

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  9. Myra White

    I would belong to the Iron court. I am not very fond of summer or winter, much preferring autumn or spring. Iron would definitely be the way to go.
    The books are absolutely brilliant by the way. I’m halfway through The Iron Knight and loving it!

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  10. Brianna

    I think I would belong to the Iron or Summer court. If I had to choose, Iron because I am very techie and I think I’d fit in there more than Summer, even though I do love to have fun and am very carefree. Totally want those bracelets so I will be following this tour VERY closely. LOVE this series. Team Ash all the way.

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  11. RReynolds

    I would have to say Summer Court. As much as this is a tech savy world, I would rather bask in the warm sun than sit infront of a computer/iron thing all day.

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  12. Beth Butters

    Most likely I’d be the Summer Court. I can’t stand cold, and Iron bothers me because I’m allergic to it… Goodfellow representing!! <3

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  13. Vanessa P

    Oooh. So tentatively I would choose the Iron Court for now if I had to just because that is the name of the series and a kind of between and betwixt… but since I have not read these yet and only just confirmed they are on my TBR list (moved up now)… this could change! Thanks for the tour and giveaway!

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  14. Oh, I’m totally going to have to go for the Winter Court here! I’m such a Canadian girl… I love the freezing cold with snow and ice and all of that fun stuff. Getting bundled up in the winter is the BEST! Plus, the season itself is just a beautiful time of year. I can’t wait for the rest of this tour! Those bracelets are beaaaaaautiful.
    Sonia recently posted..Graffiti Moon by Cath CrowleyMy Profile

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  15. Kai W.

    This is one of the best series I gave read. I so love Ash. He’s tall, dark and brooding. What else is there to say about him.

    I chose to be in the Iron Court. A bit of technology with the occasion of Summer and Winter.

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  16. After everybody loved this series so much (and they finally started translating it into German) I started reading the series last year. I really liked the first two books, but I didn’t think the other two were that great. Plus, I have a major issue with Meghan. This girl just annoys me.
    But somehow I can’t get away from the series, especially because I really love the whole Iron Fey idea. So the short stories are waiting for me to read them and of course I read “The Lost Prince”. Fortunately, I very much liked this one again. 😀

    I’m definitely with the Iron Court, the others seem a little bit … old-fashioned for my taste. The Winter Court would (with its emotional coldness) too “stupid” for me and I’m no Summer type. That doesn’t mean that Puck isn’t my favourite character, though. x)
    Shiku recently posted..Rezension | The Immortal Rules | Julie KagawaMy Profile

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  17. Victoria

    I just got the book The Iron Legends and I am super excited to read it!!! I am just wondering why I got it so early when it isn’t august 28th yet?

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  18. Stacy Richman

    I would have to take the Winter Court. The Iron court would hurt for the fey and Summer court pretends to be all great but they are some mean peeps. At least the Winter is honest about being mean.

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  19. Rachana

    I’d have to say the summer court, and that’s because I absolutely love the summertime, and hate the winter. I’m pretty good with words, at least, that’s what I’ve been told. I do realize that is a characteristic of all fey, but I just felt the need to put that out there.
    Part of the reason why I chose the is Summer Court is because I don’t think that I’d ever survive in the Winter Court! Queen Mab and her minions would quite literally tear me apart. I’m not very good at hiding my emotions, either.
    The third reason for my ‘joining’ the Summer Court would be their magic! The Winter fey mostly have ice magic and I don’t really think that would be any fun at all! I’d much rather pull a Lily Evans and have a daisy bloom in my hand.
    Plus, Puck’s in the Summer Court, which means I have an obligation to choose his home.
    Finally (I know, this was long) The Summer Court is also the Seelie Court, and while I do know that Seelie Fey aren’t angelic and the Unseelie demonic, I have a perception of the Seelie being the good guys.
    I’ll stop now, because I know you’ll be getting tired of me by now.
    By the way, it’s really nice of you to give away these bracelets 🙂

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  20. Summer court- i took the quiz on iron fey website weird enough that would of picked it anyway- i hate being cold, with iron i would have one look and i would be bored- not that i’m sure it’s awesome just not for me- anyway it’s a pretty awesome contest winning a book jewery- what more could a fan ask for 🙂

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