BEA2U – Final Preparations & Giveaway of Awesome

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We seriously can’t believe it, but this is the last week before BEA….

Sunday we will meet and Monday the fun starts!!! *squeals* I can’t believe it’s finally here…


Final Preparations…

It’s time my friends, time to think about what to pack, what to take with you and all those tiny little things! We are sure some of those tips you have already heard and read countless times before. But, nothing wrong with repeating things righty?

Dress, light comfortable and … nice

I am pretty sure everyone has their own style and I know that I read different kind of advice of how to dress. Well, here’s ours. There is no need to dress in a business suit, dress comfortable and casual if that is your style. There is nothing wrong with a pair of good Jeans and a sweet Top. People will take you seriously the way you talk to them. I’m a Jeans kind-of-Girl and I never got a bad reaction or attitude from anyone.

It’s the way you present yourself what counts! But, seriously, do your feet a favor and wear comfortable ones… You will walk a lot.. and you will stand..a lot!

*Pushy* Very much agreed!  Even thought the publishers and staffers are dressed business casual last year, not a single conference attendee I spoke to last year was.  Remember, it’s summer in NYC and most of us have to hoof it to the convention center, walk around all day with increasingly heavy bags and then hoof it right on back to the hotel.  You want clothes that are comfortable, flattering and forgiving of all the exertion you’ll be putting into your day.  Nothing prompts a, “No I don’t have any books left,” stare than walking around rumpled and sweat-stained (or with your buns hanging out from too short a skirt).  You’ve been warned!  *wink*

Comfortable Bag, or Backpack and Cute totebags to grab

Yep, take a bag for the essentials like a Bottle of water, your purse, and all the essentials girls need. You do not have to carry your books in this bag. Every Booth will have cute little totebags for you and your books and you can even drop them of for just a few bucks. Which I highly recommend. There looks nothing weirder than carrying tons of books around. 🙂 Sure, a backpack is the easiest for your back – I’m just not a backpack girl and rather take my cute new purse I just bought…

And there are such cute totebags you can get. I remember one girl making pictures of all the awesome ones that got handed out.

Trolley’s are not allowed on the floor, which I personally really find great.

*Pushy*  Again, completely agreed!  The bags were so darn cute last year!!  I have so many that I use when I’m out shopping and I’m constantly asked where I got them.  I do admit to being in love with saying, “Oh, I got it at a conference I went to last year….”  *wink*  So don’t over pack for your day because the publishers will have you covered.  And while I know some people wish for a roller-cart to drag their haul around in, you’ll be thankful they’re not allowed when you see the sheer volume of people in this convention center.  SERIOUSLY!  And for my friends who wear flip flops, a wheel over your pinky toe is just a bad way to start your day!

Sooo many books – sooo heavy!

Remember that there is a weight limit when you are flying! It depends on your airline, but most of them are restricted to 1 suitcase with a certain amount. So, you have a few options.

1.) Pack light enough to begin with and leave space for all the books.

2.) Take some books in your luggage – like Heather did last year.

3.) Send the books home via Media Mail. This obviously does not work for international people like me. But Pushy did that last year. It was not that expensive and you don’t have to carry them around! I really liked this option! Although, I still remember Pushy and me carrying those heavy bags to te next mail office… Oh and, you can send directly from the Javits Center but they are more expensive.

*Pushy* Media Mail is a blessing from the American heavens.  I shipped like 70 pounds of books home last year for around $35.  It was such a ridiculous deal!  And yes, Danny, I know I still owe you a bottle of red wine for being my pack mule last summer.  🙂  All you need to do is remember to grab a box or two at the end of the day.  Publishers usually have tons (from all the books they’ve been giving away) and they break down easily but even if they don’t you can buy a box for a couple of bucks.  If you’re lucky you can even score free packing tape from the concierge at your hotel (I SHAMELESSLY did this) or with a little forethought pack a small roll.

Take your Camera!

Seriously, this is something I have to tell myself since I realized when preparing these posts that none of us made enough pictures… So, don’t miss your chance to capture those amazing moments with a camera! You will be thankful later 🙂

*Pushy* And here’s where I disagree with much love to Danny, who I know is giving me the frowny face right now.  Yes, it’s so much fun to have the pictures but honestly I was SO busy last year, I wouldn’t know when I would have had time to take pictures.  Plus, I don’t remember people taking pictures with the authors during the signing lines and I would think it would be discouraged as the lines are so long to begin with.

So may I propose a compromise?  IF you will be hosting a series of informational posts like this next year, or want to do a montage of your time at BEA (which, let’s face it, would be pretty awesome), bring your camera.  But if you’re like me and plan to simply revel in the crazysauce that is BEA, settle for the camera on your phone.  You’ll have it with you anyway and it’s one less thing to keep track of.  Just my two cents.  😀

Seriously, we would have love to cover more, but we are in the final week, so we thought we leave you with some last minute tips.

And… we have a super Giveaway for you guys!

We will get for 1 lucky winner a book signed at BEA of your choice!! 

All you have to do is go through the list of Authors (yes we know it’s long) and list us 3 possible books/authors. 3, because we have to be a little flexible so we might not make it to one signing, but if you list three one of them we are sure to catch for you.

Here you find all Authors that will be there and here is a list with YA books that will be at BEA

Makes sense?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Got some question? Shoot!
We would be happy to answer whatever we can!  Especially if there’s something you’d like us to report on from THIS year’s BEA.  Because you know we’re hoping to be vlogging for you!!!

Much Love and … see you at BEA in less than a week!! 

We can’t wait to meet you guys!!!

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47 Responses to “BEA2U – Final Preparations & Giveaway of Awesome”

  1. Christine

    Awesome giveaway, thank you so much!
    I’d have to go with Marie Lu (Prodigy), Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Boys), and Julie Kagawa (The Immortal Rules).

    Reply »

  2. Michelle L.

    Holy Moly that was a long list. Now to narrow it down to just three; it’s so hard to choose. I went through all of it in case one my beloved UF or PNR authors were attending. My final three are all YA authors though. I picked Julie Kagawa, Marie Lu, and Lauren Oliver. Thank you for the giveaway and I hope you have fun at BEA! Wish I could go, but NY is practically on the other side of the US of SF. Hopefully I can go next year. Post a lot of pictures when you come back so I can experience it vicariously through you. 🙂

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    Will do! Promise :))
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

    Reply »

  3. Ooo, it’s so close! I hope to be able to run into you guys on my one day there!!! Got my comfy outfit and shoes all picked out, hee hee! My notes/map, check! I just need a good bag/purse now, can’t decide, eeek!
    Thanks for the giveaway, since I know I won’t be doing any of those this year!
    Enjoy 🙂
    margie c {the bumble girl} recently posted..The Beehive Book News #5: The one with a few adult books, eek!My Profile

    Reply »

    margie c {the bumble girl} 5/29/2012

    PS! You guys rock! Thanks again for sharing all of your tips, advice and ideas! You have really helped me out! xo

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    Thank you so much Margie! We hoped our post would be fun and a little helpful!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

    Reply »

  4. Ohhh, I so wish I could goooooo! I bet it’ll be FANTASTIC. :DD And I bet the shoes and clothes are very important. I can’t imagine walking in high heels all day, lol. And ohh, getting the books home… Haha. I bet I would fail calculating my packing right… ;x I so need to go sometime!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, ladies! :DD *fingerscrossedforawin*
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Review: The Hunt by Andrew FakudaMy Profile

    Reply »

  5. Oh, I hate when someone wheels over your toes! I guess the no-trolley rule totally works then LOL x) But I guess that you’ll have to wear comfy running shoes that hopefully cover your toes anyways because it would be IMPOSSIBLE to walk around in high heels! I’d probably want to dress up or something to meet my favourite authors, but I have a feeling I’d be limping by the time I got to see them haha… :’)

    Thank you so much for all the BEA tips again, you guys! I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN IN THE WORLD (and get lots of awesome books too)!!! <3
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..Review: The Last PrincessMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    Your comments always make me smile!! always!!!

    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

    Reply »

  6. I’ll be attending, so I’m not entering, but just wanted to thank you for the post. I’ve been to BEA the past two years and I definitely agree with the wearing comfy shoes and water. Although rollies and carriages are not technically allowed in, there was some last year…so beware! Also, I never had a problem with taking pics of authors. I was really quick so as not to hold up the line. Most of them offered to take a picture with me, which I sometimes declined so as not to hold up the line as well.
    Midnyte Reader recently posted..New York City Spooky StuffMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    I know!! I saw some too and it buged me!! lool! I hope to see you around!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

    Reply »

  7. Thanks so much for all of these wonderful tips! I am sure it will make my first time so much easier! I do have one question about a map of where all the booths are. Is there one on the BEA site that I can print out so I know where I am going ? Or is there a handout when we get there?

    Melissa recently posted..Book Review: Fated by Alyson NoelMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    There is a map at the homepage and you will also get one when you get your Badge. But don’t worry just wander around everything is so easy to find :))

    I hope I can see you there!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

    Reply »

    Melissa 5/31/2012

    Thanks Danny! *taking deep breaths* It’s all so exciting:)
    Melissa recently posted..Book Review: Point, Click, Love by Molly ShapiroMy Profile

    Reply »

  8. I can’t believe it! I was so surprised to see Eoin Colfer’s last Artemis fowl book was on the list! I would love to get it autographed! I always wanted to meet him. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!! Incredible Giveaway! Thanks so much!

    Also, thanks for the wonderful advice throughout the last few weeks and today!
    Have a marvelous time at BEA! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..Teaser Tuesday 1!My Profile

    Reply »

  9. Viki S.

    From the list of authors attending I think I’d pick:

    Rachel Vincent – Shadow Bound or Soul Screamer 1
    Andrea Cremer – Rift
    Kristin Cashore – Bitterblue

    Have fun :)!

    Reply »

  10. Denise Z

    Wow this looks like loads of fun. I hope you have an awesome time and wish I was going with 🙂 It was incredibly difficult to pick there were so many incredible authors and books, I finely just chose the first three from my wish list LOL and the greedy girl I am is sitting here going Oh! I shouldda, coulda 🙂

    Reply »

  11. Man, it was such a hard choice! JUST THREE from that awesome list! There were too many I’m DYING for!

    I hope you guys do take a lot of pictures. You don’t have to hold up the lines or anything, just snap them from wherever you stand. If I was there I would be so stressed and distracted that I bet I wouldn’t get many either. And I want those awesome tote bags! I most definitely have a ‘thing’ for them!

    Have a blast guys! I can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Candace recently posted..Mini Reviews: Black Heart by Holly Black & Timepiece by Myra McEntireMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    loooool I know this list is crazy and I know I cannot visit all of the ones I wish to see!!

    Reply »

  12. franchie15

    WOOOW THIS IS SO AWESOME \m/ I wish I can go to BEA. You guys have fun and please post pictures afterwards. Enjoy. 🙂 THANK YOU FOR THIS 😀

    Reply »

  13. Rachel Chan

    OMG, thank you for this amazing giveaway (and for being so generous and making it international)! After reading through the list of books, I regret with all my heart that I don’t live in America!
    Anyway, I hope y’all have a wonderful, fun (and book) filled time!

    Reply »

  14. You are so sweet to share with us! You know- if you wanted to visit a really funny MG author, Eoin Colfer is going to be there signing The Last Guardian, the very last in the Artemis Fowl series! I was going to put that as a choice, but I saw YA only. I understand. I have a feeling my choices are going to be long lines…..

    I hope you guys have so much fun!!! Take some foot spray to make your feet feel fresh! It helps for a bit. Sorry Pushy, but I’d be backpacking it. I even have a backpack purse. I get tired of pulling the shoulder straps up. And take lots of pictures Danny with your real camera!!!!!!


    Reply »

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