Book Review: Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon – Sequel to Dead Beautiful

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Life Eternal CoverLife Eternal

by Yvonne Woon
Book I in the Dead Beautiful series
Gerner: YA paranormal / Zombies
Publication January 24th 2012 by Disney-Hyperion
copy received from publisher
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synopsis from goodrreads:

Renée Winters has changed. When she looks in the mirror, a beautiful girl with an older, sadder face stares back. Her condition has doctors mystified, but Renée can never reveal the truth: she died last May, and was brought back to life by the kiss of her Undead soul mate, Dante Berlin.

Now, her separation from Dante becomes almost unbearable. His second life is close to an end, and each passing day means one less that she will spend with the boy who shares her soul.

Just when Renée has almost given up hope, she learns of the Nine Sisters—brilliant scholars who, according to legend, found a way to cheat death. She can’t shake the feeling that they are somehow connected to her dreams, strange visions that hint at a discovery so powerful, and so dangerous, that some will stop at nothing to protect it.

Renée thought she knew the truth about life and death. But there is a secret woven through history that holds the only hope for Dante and Renée. Unless they find answers soon, their time together is doomed to be cut short

While I was reluctant to start Dead Beautiful – I really liked it in the end! The only thing that was horrible was the cliffhanger, so when I got the chance to read Life Eternal I was eager to see hoe the story of Dante and René goes on!

New School New Friends and Ne Mysteries!

After the happenings in Dead Beautiful her old schools closes and she has to attend to a new school in Montreal that is only for Monitors and not for the Undead. New school, new friends , new mysteries!

While I liked the chance of scenery, I truly missed the absence of the Undead and especially of Dante. Like in her previous school, she makes new friends and also new enemies.

Dante and René are searching for a way to cheat death and to be together – forever. This seems to be impossible, yet both would never give up hope to finally be together with their one and only true soul mate. Also, Dante cannot visit Montreal to see René because the city is full of Monitors and they are both afraid Dante would get caught…

The Search for Immortal Life…

What I really liked was the mystery elements – the search for immortal life, the secrets behind the the death of Renés parents and the mystery of the 9 sisters. There were riddles to follow, secrets to uncover and some twist I didn’t expect.

Too Many Loose Ends…

What I didn’t like was that the story has so many loose ends that weren’t pulled together at the end and I feel like I was left hanging in the air I bit too much. There were many small story lines that weren’t brought to an end that leaves me confused about their significance for the story, or the lack thereof. Maybe they are all to build up for the next book, but I cannot close the book and be satisfied.

I loved the heating romance and love between Dante and René in Dead Beautiful, I found it very strong and intense I I loved it… In Life Eternal the relation between them changed so much and I missed the loving connection between them so much. Dante’s actions and decisions were cryptic, but at the same time I couldn’t follow René as well…

Bottom Line 

Altogether I feel like the books builds up for the next one and while I enjoyed the secrets and mysteries a lot I feel like there are too many loose ends right now.

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10 Responses to “Book Review: Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon – Sequel to Dead Beautiful”

  1. I was clueless at the end of Dead Beautiful. I wasn't sure who was dead and who was alive. I listened on audio and I had to listen more than once to make sure I heard right. Now, there is something to be said for listening to creepy Gothic books on audio. They are pretty good. I liked it though I never reviewed it. But the book left me clueless. I won an ARC of this one to read. I haven't read it yet, but I was hoping this was the last. I just don't think the story is strong enough to make it a trilogy. And the wait for this book was a long time coming. I hope it had something redeeming in it.
    If I'm loosing my interest in the sequel to Angelfire that rocked my world, why do the publishers think this less than rocking story can stand to wait another year for the sequel. I do not get the publishing industry at all. Not at all!

    Moving on to your review, thank you for telling me what I needed to know. I will give this a chance and likely hang on to the book. I couldn't remember if the mom and dad's murder had been resolved or not. I couldn't remember how the whole undead thing worked in the first place so you kind of reminded me. I'll give it a go though your three does not make me too hopeful. But as always, you gave a very thorough review and thanks for pointing out why it was a three and not a four or five!

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    DannyBookworm 1/25/2012

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!! I agree, I was also slightly confused at the end of Dead Beautiful. And although I reviewed it, this post somehow got lost during the transfer…. Well, anyway. It's good to hear that you liked the audio, maybe I will listen to the third one when it comes out. Although at this moment I'm not sure if I will go on with the series. Just like you said, sometimes waiting too long makes the excitement about a series go away… Right now, there are so many more books I'd love to read.

    Life Eternal was OK and had some really nice twists and mysteries. But, for me, it definitely lacked at some points, like for instance the romance and .. Dante! It always makes me so happy when I hear that you liked my review, I'm often slightly wary about how my reviews are received by the readers…
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  2. It seems like Dead Beautiful got a lot o mixed reviews and I never added it to my TBR. It's possible that if I saw it at the library I'd pick it up to give it a try but I'm thinking I'm not going to rush out to get my hands on these ones. Sorry that you didn't love it!
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    DannyBookworm 1/25/2012

    Yes you are right Dead Beautiful got many mixed ones, yet I still read it. I liked it but I didn't love it, but the end made you want to read the next anyway. However, the waiting for the next one was forever..
    Seriously, truth to be told there are so many more awesome books you could pick up…. Depending how long it will take till the next book I might also not read the last one…
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  3. Hmm…this sounds like a cool concept. I love teen books that take place at schools for some reason. I don't know why. haha…But I hate the idea of loose ends. Sometimes it seems like they're left loose just to string you along for the next book and I hate that. If it's not necessary it seems like things should be wrapped up more.

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books
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    DannyBookworm 1/25/2012

    You are like me!! I also love boarding school books and just like you I have no idea why… This book really left me too much hanging. Loose ends are nice, but please not too many. I can even live with cliffhangers!
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    imlovingbooks 1/25/2012

    I'm totally with you. I don't mind cliffhangers either, as long as it's because there's a bigger story to tell and there's kind of a reason for it. Of course it sucks waiting for the next book if it's not out though! lol
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  4. Jackie

    I really, really enjoyed Dead Beautiful, so Life Eternal is one of the books I'm most eagerly awaiting to read this year. I've read a few reviews for the new book, but the consensus was that it was just kind of "ho-hum". Of course I'm still going to read it. I'm interested to see what new, sticky situations Renee finds herself in. Hope it doesn't disappoint!
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  5. I had a similar reaction to Heater at the end of Dead Beautiful, I had no idea what had happened and at that point I wasn't sure there was a sequel so I just kind of stared at the last page for a while going hmmmmmmmm. Seems like this second one doesn't provide too many answers either, so I think maybe this series isn't for me! Thanks for the wonderful review though Danny!
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