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Several weeks ago in an installment of Pushy Wonders…, she asked an interesting question:

Do my feelings for an author, as a person,
influence my feelings for their works?
Should it?

You didn’t check out that post and weigh in? We had many fabulous responses, from both authors and readers. We’ll wait while you check it out and come back here.

Welcome back! During the fabulous discussion where all five of the Bookworms weighed in, the topic of Twitter and authors came up. And I started to wonder…

I definitely have favorite authors and publishing industry people that I follow on Twitter.

I bet the other Bookworms have different favorites than I do and maybe our faithful readers would like to know who we follow and why?
And if we’re lucky, would our dear readers share who they consider to be the must-follow book making people& on Twitter?

The Bookworms give you our top five (yes, 5 in honor of Cutie)Authors to follow on Twitter. I’ll go first.

Heather: These are in no particular order of importance, they’re just how they popped into my head or were in my time line on Twitter at the moment.

What can I say about Maureen Johnson? She’s my favorite YA author. She’s totally eclectic, strange, random, and she wears fancy dresses to book signings. Follow her for a little while and you’ll love her too.

Patti O’Shea is the most approachable author that I’ve come across. We’ve often talked about our horrible coworkers, coffee, the weather, baseball, and the evil seminars we’re forced to attend at work. Not once have I tweeted her and not gotten a response. Patti is definitely the standard that I hold other authors to when I consider their social media skills and she sets the bar sky high. She doesn’t constantly push her books, but does post updates about her writing regularly.

Scott Nicholson is one of my favorite Indie authors and he tweets about the happenings around the Indie publishing world, as well as publishing as a whole. His tweet and links are always informative and educational, whether you’re a reader or wanting to dip your toes into the Indie world yourself as a writer. Scott is an innovator when it comes to making a living as an Indie author and he’s at the forefront of new and exciting ways of promoting yourself while putting out high quality, down right entertaining books.
Chuck Wendig runs a very entertaining and supremely not safe for work writing blog called Terrible Minds. His tweets are often helpful and very entertaining, but you need a good sense of humor and like a said above, some of them are definitely NSFW. What I love most about Chuck is that he tells it how he sees it, and that is something this world needs desperately.
Andrew Shaffer, like Chuck Wendig, has a sense of humor that is often a bit warped. And that’s precisely why I enjoy both of their tweets so much. Andrew also has several alter egos that he tweets under, my favorite is Evil Wylie. Too funny to miss, with his biting sarcasm while telling the whole truth.
I think the bottom line with me is humor. Maureen Johnson is a riot and very unpredictable. Chuck Wendig and Andrew Shaffer are very sarcastic and dry, just like me. Scott Nicholson is an all-around-nice guy with his own spurts of humor, while Patti O’Shea is such a nice, regular person that you can’t help but connect with her.
cutie’s favorite five:

Picking a list of just five authors is not an easy task! There are so many great authors on Twitter who are not only fantastic writers, but extremely awesome to their fan base. So I decided to share five authors on Twitter who are not only people I look up to as an aspiring writer, but who are constantly interacting with their fans, giving back and receiving as well. It just makes me heart happy.

Reason why I heart her so much: Super sweet on Twitter and just freaking adorable.
Fave tweet:

Reason why I heart her so much: Nonstop interaction with fans and other authors,
plus she is clearly a girl after me own heart!
Fave tweet:
Author of: An Abundance of Katherines, Finding Alaska, and Paper Town.
Reason why I heart him so much: Beside the fact that his nerdy ways make me heart happy and his stories get me right here (*points a heart*), he’s extremely accessable to his fans.
Fave tweet:
Author of: The Graveyard Book, Stardust, and American Gods.
Reason why I heart him so much: Other than the fact that I wish I was a tenth of the writer he is, he is always reaching out to his fan base and he hangs with some of my most favorite twitter folk.
Fave tweet:
Author of: Uglies, So Yesterday, and Leviathan Series.
Reason why I heart him so much: All around a fanastic writer, soooo great to his fans with his friday fanart days on his blog, and, in gerneral, just pure wonderment!!!
Fave tweet:
Pushy: Oh how I love to stalk, I mean, chat with authors on Twitter. And now a days so many of our favorite authors are available and accessible this way. It’s truly a delight! So here are my five, as with the other Bookworms, in no particular order:

Libba is AMAZINGLY funny! She’s always making me laugh, and I just adore her tweets. Like this one:

Rob writes so beautifully and about such scary, horrible things!!! And I love it when he tweets something like this:

Jeff is another writer of supremely creepy stuff. And his tweets show it.

Finally, Margi and Kami. The first authors I actually got up the nerve to chat with when they had just released and now there almost at the end of the series.

So what do you think? Who do you enjoy following on Twitter and think that the Bookworms should follow too?


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10 Responses to “Our Favorite Authors To Follow On Twitter”

  1. Love this post! I love authors on twitter, I agree, Stephanie Perkins seriously has the best tweets. and john green and of course MJ :p I also love Kiersten White's twitter feed!

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  2. hrose2931

    I gotta say Maureen Johnson is one of my faves too. She could write a book out of her tweets. I must follow a lot of Indie authors or just not be on at the right time b/c I'm following most of these authors but never see their tweets. I used to see John Green or Neil Himself but not anymore. Heather- I'm not even two hours from Boone,NC. I'll have to follow him. I think I'm still scared of authors. They're like movie stars to me!

    My recent post Happy Birthday To Me by Brian Rowe

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  3. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    That's very interesting!!

    I don't really get on the Tweet bot but I think most of the authors I follow have their FB account and Tweety pages linked up.

    I follow:
    Kathe Koja
    Laura Wiess
    Maggie (I don't know how to spell her last name – Shiver Lady)
    Laurie Raab-Hunsaker
    Kresley Cole
    Julie Kagawa
    Kerrelyn Sparks

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