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Almost To Die For
(A Vampire Princess Novel, Book I)
by Tate Hallaway
published July 29th 2010 by NAL
amazon(Paperback and Kindle Version)
Synopsis from goodreads

On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker learns that her so-called deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king. And he wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side, in spite of the fact that she has witch’s blood running through her veins-from her mother’s side.

Too bad witches and vampires are mortal enemies. And now Ana’s parents are at each other’s throats over her future. It’s up to Ana to make a choice, but deciding your eternal destiny is a pretty big deal for a girl who just wants to get through high school.

Uhm… I was so excited to read it and in the end so disappointed! Basically everything was there that would make a good story: Vampires – I always love good sexy Vamp stories, Witches-oh yes throw in some magic and a girl that apparently is a Princess in between!
Sounds absolutely great! It just..wasn’t … For me at least.

Short onto the story.

There is Ana and her mother is a witch, which should make her a witch too. Just, Ana only feels magic and could never really cast magic. She’s afraid that she will never be able to be a True Witch like her mom and best friend Bea.

Then one day, her father knocks on her door, telling her she’s part Vampire (duh!!) and that she shall came with him because she’s also a Princess.

hm… Ana…
*scratches head*

My main problem was Ana, she seemed to have no personality, I couldn’t figure her truly out and honestly she just seemed flat. It hurts that I have to say this, because I really wanted to like this book badly! But everything about Ana was boring.

My Main Problem

The plot and the dialogues weren’t that captivating either. I mean imagine you never knew your father, then one day he knocks on your door, telling you he’s a Vamp and that he’s your Dad. Would you call that stranger Dad?? Wouldn’t you ask questions???? It totally bothered me that she directly jumped on the Dad-wagon…

Then her mom, she never told her anything, even after her “dad” stood on the door, she totally refused to tell her daughter all about it. I mean common??? That totally sucked and even made me mad!

Ana herself never knew what she wanted she never went through with something she decided which made me mad again.. she immediately trusted everyone, wasn’t suspicious enough and it just doesn’t felt real.

On The Bright Site!

Ok no onto the good sites: I LOVED the writing style, it was light and truly truly fun. And just for the writing and the idea of the plot I’ll read the next book again and give it a chance!

Bottom Line …
So yes, the book was unfortunately a disappointment for me mainly because I couldn’t connect, love and understand Ana. The plot could have been absolutely great but was just dulled by the characters.

I’d like to add one more thing. I was looking back at my last reviews and realized that I nearly posted only reviews with 5 stars, or 4. Well, it’s not like there aren’t books I don’t like on the contrary as you just see. But, since we are 5 girls posting here and I read a lot (tons to be honest) I always choose which books to review here. I don’t review every book I’ve read here. I do that on goodreads of course. (Are we friends already? If not, why not add me?) I have to choose which books to review and ..since I’m a happy girl and I’m a very passionate and excited one too, I choose to review the good ones here, the ones that blow my mind and that I desperately would love to share with you. But, I realized that this is weird and doesn’t help my credibility. I hope you understand what I mean by that. I want you to trust me on my reviews and that you truly believe me when I’m all excited about a book. I am ! I truly am! Bottom Line, this is why I choose to post a review of a book that I didn’t like so much today.
Could you follow me? Hope you did…

What about you?
How do you handle books you didn’t like on your blog or on goodreads,
or wherever you post your reviews?
Also, does it bother you that we pick the cherrys to post here?
Cheers my Dears!

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12 Responses to “Almost To Die For – Review”

  1. cutie

    Oh this book… *blah*

    I gotta say that I completely agree with you, Danny! With five of us blogging on a schedule, we just don't wanna waste time posting about the not so great books, when we wanna post about the books we lubs lubs lubs. I do the same thing. And I think our follower friends will understand.

    Just like you, I do review every book I read on Goodreads, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. And you know I don't hold back there… well… I do hold back a little. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Heey Danny, I totally get what you mean, and I've never questioned your credibility. But then again, I've always thought you were kind of delusional because you think Barrons is yours when in fact he is mine. πŸ˜€

    Still, I'm glad I can trust your opinion on books that excite you. Squee away! Believe it or not, but that excitement rubs off. Sharing your honest thoughts on books that didn't work for you is okay too.
    My recent post Review- Vixen by Jillian Larkin

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  3. AHfromGoodreads

    I think it is important to give a balanced review. Say what's good about the book and what could have been better. Very few books are perfect. Some people are very good at giving negative reviews, but surely there was something in the book that made them finish it. If you give too many glowing reviews, you risk losing your credibility for reviews. For example if Reviewer X always gives great reviews of books, and I read that book and not like it, I may not go back to that reviewer. Same for negative reviews.

    I must say that I enjoy reading all of your reviews and have added many interesting titles to my bloated to-read shelf on Goodreads because of you all.

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  4. Small_Review

    Uh oh, this is the second negative review I've seen for this book, and both from bloggers I trust. Guess this one is going off the TBR.

    You know, I actually do dislike it when a reviewer only gives out high reviews, but I never noticed it with you. Your enthusiasm just comes across so strong and genuine that I don't doubt your feelings on the books. You also explain what you like, so I feel like I'm getting a good idea of the different aspects of the book.
    My recent post Summary- Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

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  5. Thanks so much Sweetie, it means a lot to hear you saying this! I love to be excited and I love to share it! Which is why I mainly pick the Cherry's to post. Talking about Excitement is so much more fun!! And I'm glad to hear that I can transport at least a bit through my reviews! *hugs*

    …and.. *sighs heavily* ..Honey! You have to get over this funny idea! I don't even know where this came from? Barrons can't even remember your name. Do you might confuse him with someone else? (Although Barrons is one of it's kind..) Also, Barrons is not a man to share, and he is so most definitely mine.
    *pats back* but you can always dream Sweetie…
    My recent post Almost To Die For – Review

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  6. Cutie also didn't like the book so much, which is so sad! I mean the cover is beautiful, and her writing absolutely awesome! I hope the books get better, I never give up hope!

    Thanks so so much for your trust. and honestly I'm glad you didn't notice my choice of Reviews before:)) It makes me truly happy to hear that you believe what I'm saying and trying to transport!
    P.S.: I didn't forgot your mail!! Will reply ASAP, sorry to let you wait!
    My recent post Almost To Die For – Review

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