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If you been following us on Twitter (you are following us on Twitter, right?) or hanging out around some of our blogs, you know we’ve caught Beautiful Creatures fever! We’re completely in love with Ethan Wate *swoon* and Lena Duchannes *you go girl!* and their incredible Southern gothic world of Mortals and Casters.

Well, now we are counting down to the release of the second book in the Caster Chronicles. The next book, titled Beautiful Darkness, will be released October 26th! Get your countdown widgets configured now 🙂

The wonderful cover of Beautiful Darkness was unveiled last week on the BC Ning site and the official BC website:

Some secrets are life-altering…others are life-ENDING.

And there’s more! The release dates for the final two books in the Caster Chronicles have also been announced!

Book 3: Fall 2011

Book 4: Fall 2012

And I’m not done yet! Did you know that, before Beautiful Creatures was even released, the film rights had already been sold?

Warner Brothers, the same studio that produces the Harry Potter films, bought the rights to make a Beautiful Creatures film. Richard LaGravanese is set to write and direct the film, and he’s no slouch. He wrote the screenplays for The Bridges of Madison County and The Horse Whisperer, as well as writing and directing Freedom Writers and P.S. I Love You. Oh, yeah, and he wrote the screenplay for Water for Elephants…you Rob fans may of heard of that one 😉

Sounds like Richard is a Beautiful Creatures fan, too:

“I love supernatural stories that have well drawn mythologies, and I liked that this book has all the basic elements of a classic first love story with a supernatural layer over it,” LaGravanese said. “So the first time they hear the words boyfriend and girlfriend, they accidentally overhear each other telepathically. Their first kiss comes after he saves her life and their first date is part of a bigger adventure that leads to the unraveling of the mysterious curse that haunts her family.”

So, it looks like there will plenty of the Caster Chronicles to keep us happy for a while!

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