Treasures from BEA 2012 – Book Haul of Awesome

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I’m leaving NYC in around 23 hrs and it’s time to show and reflect what books I got at BEA and about which I’m super duper excited about!

I remember last year I got a little crazy and took around 60 books home with me. Holy Freaking Crazy! I promised myself to be better this year and retrain myself and just take the books I truly want…

I was better… but in the end I still got 45 books!


Day 1

Wake, Amanda Hocking – The Dark Divine, Libba Bray – Deity, Jennifer L.Armentrout – Partials, Dan Wells – Feedback, Robinson Wells (just so you know, those two a brothers! I just figured that out lol), Crewel (signed) – Eve & Adam – Falling Kingdom – Raven Boys Beautiful Lies – Origin – Magisterium – Master of The Veil (signed), Ashen Winter (signed) – Obsidian (signed) – Entice, Black City

and … tons of cute Bookmarks!

Day 2

What’s Left of Me – Who I Kissed – Pushing the Limits (signed to me by the awesome Katie Mc Garry) – Throne of Glass (signed to me) – Destined (signed) – Masque of The Red Death (signed) – Insurgent (Signed to me) – Unraveling (Signed to me) – Eve & Adam (Signed)

I was rather proud of me on this second day!! Lot’s os signings and less books!

Day 3

From What I Remember (signed to me) and A Midsummer’s Nightmare (signed to me) – I bought both books at the TEEN Author Carnival which was epic!

Shaodows – Burn for Burn – Poison Princess – Stealing Parker – The Magisterium (signed) – Blessed – The Dark Unwinding – The Darkest Minds – Beta – Carnival of Souls – Daughter of Smoke and Bone (with Teaser of the second book) – The Land of Stories

Note: I try to include all the links to goodreads, but I’m rather short in time right now and do this later sorry!!

Ok here’s what I’m most excited about:

The Signed personalized copies of Pushing The Limits, From What I Remember, Throne of Glass, Unraveling. Those are all books I read already and excited I got the signed to me!! Specially Katie’s McGarry’s personal note in my book makes me tear up! Love her!

Most Excited To Read:

  • The Poison Princess – I just started this
  • Stealing Parker – looooooved Catching Jordan sooo much
  • Carnival of Souls – I adore Melissa Marr
  • Deity – OMG.. I got Deity, I still can’t believe it
  • Shadows – I Looooved Ashes and I can’t wait to read the next book)
  • Falling Kingdoms – after reading Throne of Glass I’m in a Epic Fantasy mood, plus I looove Michelle Rowen)
  • “this one book from Day 1 with the 2 Girls on the cover where I cannot remember the title” and… I cannot look it up because all books are packed!!!

So yes, this is my “IMM” this week, pretty special since I was at BEA… πŸ˜‰

What would you be most excited about and .. what would you read first?

Let me know, because I’m still debating what to read next after I finished The Poison Princess!

Much Love and I hope you all had a great week!

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40 Responses to “Treasures from BEA 2012 – Book Haul of Awesome”

  1. Iman

    Oh, wow… I’m particularly jealous of Feedback by Robinson Wells, I loved Variant so much. And Eve and Adam sounds great, plus Midsummer’s nightmare. I haven’t read Catching Jordan, but I recently got it so I’ll read it (as soon as I finish my final tests:( …. So many Great books, Hope you enjoy all of them, can’t wait to read your thoughts on them,

      • Iman

        The ending of Variant was a bit confusing, though. Which is why I can’t wait for feedback. I’m not in love with Catching Jordan’s premise, but everyone seems to love it, so I’m betting it’s got more to it than a high school romance.

  2. NICE!!!! I plan to go next week I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone – moreso than getting ARCs haha. I just finished Stealing Parker last night. If you loved Jordan you’ll love this one too!! If you like… get annoyed that all this stuff taking over your house you can like… send it here. Just putting it out there. You know. πŸ˜€

  3. Greta at PW

    Holy snips!! You got Kresley Cole’s newest Book!! Her first YA book!! Dude!! That’s just not fair!!!! Not fair!! You know I’m her biggest fan (ok ok .. I’m her biggest fan that you know!! LOLZ!) I would KILL for that!! Kill dang it!! Kill!!!!!!

    Did anyone else get it? Cuz zomg!! I got some pleading to do!! LOLZ~!

  4. Eep! That’s an awesome book haul. I squealed and it’s not even mine! Haha, I would read the Maggie Steifvater book! I’ve been so excited about that one. I can’t wait to get it!
    Happy reading!

  5. As I’m sure you can imagine, I am soooo jealous of your loot!! I really wish I could have been at BEA! I want Eve & Adam, Wake, Crewel, Falling Kingdom, Raven Boys, Throne of Glass, What’s Left of Me, Masque of the Red Death, Unraveling… heck, I want them all! πŸ˜› It’s great that you got so many signed too. Signed books make me melt!

    Congratulations on your amazing books! I hope you enjoy them all!
    Ashley recently posted..Good Web Design Practices – AdvancedMy Profile

    • Thanks sweets!!! BEA is the only place where I can meet these authors since the normally don’t come to germay so I’m ΓΌber thrilled to meet them. I’m very excited about those books!!!

  6. Carnival of Souls or Burn for Burn just because of the authors! Love their work!! Some of these I’ve just found while poking around on the internet and put them on my TBR on Goodreads. You gotta tell me how Poison Princess was! Kressley Cole will be in my area in September and I think I want to go to the book festival just for her alone! I love her adult books!

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review and Giveaway-Goddess Interrupted by Aimee CarterMy Profile

  7. Holy crap those are some amazing books! I’m just gonna say that all of these are probably on my TBR and you’re so lucky you got copies of them! Yeah, I’m pretty much dying from jealousy over here on the other side of America. I’m sure you had tons of fun! Finger crossed I get to go next year.
    Addie R. recently posted..Stacking the Shelves #6My Profile

  8. Holy holy crap. That’s just unbelievable! I think I’ve watched with an open mouth for ten minutes without blinking to all the amazing books you got there! Ohhh, just, wow. I’m glad that you had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoy them! But I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous right now, haha. I am sure that I will attend this some day. I already got my boyfriend so far that he wants to join me some day :p *keeps dreaming*
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted..Review 25. Julie Kagawa – The immortal rules.My Profile

  9. Ntzee

    AHhh!!! so lucky you got Deity and Throne of Glass!!!! I’m jealous of you! lol Can’t wait to read your reviews about them! =)

  10. That’s absolutely amazing! I’m so jealous πŸ™‚ When I went to the London Book Fair I got exactly 1 book. I guess Europeans are less generous?
    Anyway, you got so many books wich are on my 2012-wish-list. I guess plenty of intriguing reviews coming up? Have fun reading.

  11. Totally jealous!!!! I really want to read FALLING KINGDOMS. BEAUTIFUL LIES looks cool. I’m going to have to check that out. Enjoy your books πŸ˜›

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