My Reading Spot Featuring Rebecca from The Kindle Fever!

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Happy Friday and welcome to another “My Reading Spot Friday”.

Hey guys! Please welcome Rebecca from The Kindle Fever today at the Bookworms!! Rebecca is one of those blogs I visit regularly, not only does she write phenomenal Reviews she’s also one of the sweetest  girls! Oh and Rebecca is a fellow European Blogger just like me and comes from the beautiful country Sweden! Her Reviews are always very detailed and I love them. She has a really awesome Feature together with April from My Shelf Confessions which is called Your Fate in Fiction” Every other week we’ll be posting a book inspired post where we answer a question based on something we found while reading.” It’s a cute Feature which really makes you think a little outside the box! Then, she’s also helping us all getting introduced to new Bloggers in her “Mystery Blogger Feature”!

Needless to say, go and check her if you do not already know her, because .. she’s awesome!!

Find Rebecca elsewhere: Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

But now, Rebecca tells about her Reading Habits and Spots!!


Hello everyone!

Rebecca's Reading Spot: the Bed! :)

As a huge fan of our Bewitched Bookworms, I’m super excited to be invited here to share my favorite reading spots with you all! Thank

you for the invitation—I absolutely love this feature! (I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures; my camera is dead and I had to use my tablet, lol.) Danny: Oh thank YOU for stopping by today, you are the cutest!!! 

I don’t have too many reading spots (and definitely not very special ones!), but those I do have, I actually have the double of! Since I’m currently jumping around between living with my boyfriend as well as at home, depending on my studies and the schedules, I have four favorite reading spots I use.

The place where I do most of my reading is without a doubt my bed! It’s definitely perfect when I mostly read during evenings, nights or mornings. It’s also the one place in the house I can have some quiet and not be constantly bothered, which is always a plus! However, while I absolutely love my comfy little bed, sometimes it’s tiring to lie down reading for too long; I always have an issue finding a good way to sit up when reading in a bed (maybe I just don’t have enough pillows to use ;o) and that’s when I move downstairs to my second reading spot: the living room!

On the picture you can see my favorite little couch corner, and that’s where I prefer to curl up with my books whenever it’s possible to use the living room for reading! It would have been absolutely perfect if it hadn’t been so much traffic in there. Although since we got our little dog, Dennis, he’s fighting me for that specific courner since it’s his favorite place to sleep as well! See that blanket there? He needs it on that exact spot or he’ll continue to bug you until he can sit in your lap instead. While it’s cozy to have him sleep in your lap from time to time, it makes it quite hard to read! Especially when he tries to lick or chew the tablet or book. o: Lol.


Finally I have the same kind of reading spots at my boyfriend’s place as well, although there I don’t read as much in bed, since I can

actually use the living room most of the time! Many have probably seen this image before by now, but it’s his very comfy couch in his very cozy living room! Not only is the room perfect for my reading, but he also has his own little working area to the right of the couch as well as his Wii to play with while I pick up my book! It helps with the complaints about me reading to much, lol! Sadly I can’t show you a pic

of our bed there though since I’m currently at home, but I assure you it looks very much like a normal bed. *nods*

And that’s where I spend most of my time reading during the days! While I love them, I’m definitely planning to get myself a nice and comfy armchair to curl up in though. I don’t think there are better reading spots than the perfect chair! 😉

Thank you so much for having me over! *waves*
Happy reading to you all. 😀



Thank you so much for sharing Rebecca!! And isn’t Dennis the cutest? You definitely need more Pillows in your bed Sweetie… but I love your couch too!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Reading,


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38 Responses to “My Reading Spot Featuring Rebecca from The Kindle Fever!”

  1. Ooh yay I <3 Bex!!
    Lol. "very much like a normal bed" uhuh. Love your kitty cat!! I used to love reading in the bed but then we got a big old recliner!! 😀

  2. Bext – \o/ Dennis!!!! My poor adorable kitty, Summer, is also the same way (she even tries to chew on the corner of the Nook case). Only it’s not my lap, it’s my chest…and she is about twice the size of Dennis. It makes reading quite challenging.

    I’m soooo not commenting on the normal bed part here. *does so on Skype*

    Danny – What a great feature!
    Amanda recently posted..Showers of Books Giveaway – choose from LIO’s favorite books in 2012 (so far!)My Profile

  3. It’s Rebecca!! Oh my gosh, I love that girl! x) All this talk about having special reading spots around the house is really making me want to curl up on my couch with a book and read — that’s usually where I tend to read my books, other than my bed, like you! (Although don’t you notice when you lie on your back and try to read, your arms get tired really fast?? Or is that just me LOL?)

    Love your post, Bex! And Danny, I love this FEATURE! Every time I find one like Bex’s, Missie’s, and now yours that feature other awesome bloggers, I can’t help but get excited! <3 😉
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..COVER LOVE: Soft and Sweet Edition!My Profile

  4. Oh my gosh Rebecca look at Dennis! HE’S SO CUTE, I WANT TO CARRY HIM AROUND WITH ME! I have to battle with my dog for the rights to the cough as well, and while Griffin has about 70 pounds on Dennis, he still tries to sit in my lap and “assist” me with my reading. Gotta love our fur babies:)

    • I know! He’s adorable. 😀 And very easy to carry around! We always say he’s mom’s little baby–she can carry him around however she wants, lol.

      LOL, aww! Your dogs are super cute too. And I love that, haha. Seems to be something most of our fur babies have in common! But yes, definitely gotta love them! 🙂
      Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Review: The Iron King by Julie KagawaMy Profile

  5. Your boyfriends’ living room looks so wonderfully homey! And that wood ceiling in your living room is beautiful. I’d probably stare at it all the time. Dogs are a hindrance to reading spots. My lab takes my favorite spot more often than not.
    And yeah, you need lots of pillows to sit comfy in bed to read. All your places look great! Thanks for sharing!

    Does anyone read outside?

    hrose2931 recently posted..The Lure of Shapinsay Trailer and GiveawaysMy Profile

    • Doesn’t it?! I love it. Well at least when I’ve cleaned up there, hahah. I’ll have to tell mom you approve of it; she doesn’t like it anymore. *shakes head* I like it too! And I’m definitely getting more pillows.

      I read outside sometimes during the summer, but I prefer it when I find a post away from any sun! It’s not nice in any way when it starts burning you up and you’re trying to relax with a book! Lol. I’ve also had plenty of smashing-flies-between-the-pages experiences which aren’t the most fun thing. 😉
      Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Review: The Iron King by Julie KagawaMy Profile

  6. I really think Bex needs to make a Dennis Facebook page so we can all become fans. I know I’m a huge fan of Dennis; I love that dog!

    All your reading spots look so comfy, and of course stylish (this is Bex after all) 😀

    Aww thanks so much for mentioning me too Danny, I <3 Bex we're often "partners in crime" around the blogosphere. 😀

    It's awesome to see Bex featured on another blog since she features so many on her own! Awesome post 🙂

  7. Dennis is totally adorable. I’d probably let him steal my spot on the couch anytime he wanted. LOL

    And wow, aren’t guys supposed to be messy? Your boyfriends place is super sleek! I love it. I also love the wall art you have in your bed room. Very cool.

    Lovely reading spots, Rebecca. You are a lucky girl to have so many cozy places to snuggle up with your favorite books.
    Missie, The Unread Reader recently posted..A Perfect Storm: Blog Tour & GiveawayMy Profile

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