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Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge Winner!

aIt’s over *sniffles* and it was so much fun! Did you had fun too? Did you read as much as you thought you will or less? Unfortunately I read less than I thought. I was so willing to spend my nights but 2 nights I slept on the couch. Again, I should have substituted the […]

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Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

*waves* Hi Girls! And? how is it going with reading from Dusk Till Dawn? I have to say I sucked a bit, yesterday I fell asleep on my couch – I guess it was the Red Wines fault… Anyway I finally managed to finish Mockingjay!!! Which means I read 400 pages – still it seems […]

Posted 28 August, 2010 by Danny in / 25 Comments

Dusk till Dawn : Read-A-Thon – Join the Fun!

Jen from Book Crazy is hosting a Read A Thon with lots of Mini-Challanges along the way. The idea is to read from Dusk till Dawn (8pm to 8am) and YES you can and should sleep in between! 🙂 Since this is the time I read most of my books anyway I decided this would […]

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