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the great eReader debate

Last week, I asked you (yes you) to help me decide: a. if I should buy an eReader & b. which eReader you thought I should buy. The response was fan-freaking-tastic. And only marred by a momentary kafuffle with the comments.just.so.you.know.I did read every comment.I was just unable to responded to a few,and I thank […]

Posted 22 February, 2011 by Danny in / 28 Comments

with a little help from my friends

My dear bookworms. I need your help. Here’s the sitch: Since the dawning of the eReader I have been team kickin’ it old skool. As in:  Not at all interested. I like the smell of a new book.I like to hear the crinkle of the pages as they turn. I love the cover art.  I […]

Posted 15 February, 2011 by Danny in / 57 Comments