Sweet Hope Cover Design Contest – Final Voting Round!

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Guys… again… you made us speechless!

We had … around 1200 Votes! guys! This is fanfreaking awesome!!

Wendy and I are stunned and thrilled!

So, now we finally get to the final round of  voting and this means YOU have to vote!

All of you!

And to all of you amazing designers and Sweet Evil (or shall I say Kaidan) lovers!

Get your friends to vote and Help to spread the word:

You can use this tweet if you want to spread the word! Use, #SweetHope as a hashtag.

Final Voting for the best #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins 

Note: We all desperately want the Sequel Sweet Hope! So by spreading the word, you increase the buzz about this book we all so desperately want!! And maybe … we finally get some news on the sequel! The more we talk, the more the publisher can not ignore the awesomeness that is this book!  Let’s spread the love! 


The winners name will appear in Sweet Hope! Wendy Higgins will name a character after YOU!!! So, the prize is epic my friends. And… I am actually pretty sad i cannot enter myself… I would die to see my name in the same book/world as Kaidan..


  • each person can vote once
  • you can vote for as many designs as you want!!
  • Voting runs for one week until September 10th
Note: We know it’s tempting to vote twice and try to “cheat” the system. We know it had happend in this first round of voting. But. be sure that fot this final round we will eliminate cheating votes if we find them.
Instead just go and promote your favorite design!
and promote your favoirte design!!

and here we proudly present

 The 6 finalists

Please keep in mind that I renamed the Numbers of the Entries for this final Round. Also, the order below is NOT presenting the first voting round!! We’ll keep that a secret 🙂

Also, I premade some tweets to support your favorite design! We want you to help spread the word by tweeting as much as you can!

Nr.1  – from Sasha

Entry #2 Sasha

Vote for Sasha Entry 1 . #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins 


Nr.2 from Veronika 

Vote for Veronika Entry 2 : #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins 


Nr. 3 from Simone 

Vote for Simone Entry 3:  #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins 


Nr.4 from  Regina 

Vote for Regina Entry 4:  #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins


 Nr. 5 from Jenny 

Vote for Jenny Entry 5:  #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins


Nr.6 from Lynn

Vote for Lynn Entry 6:  #SweetHope Cover Design http://wp.me/p24XSo-1iK @Danny_Bookworm @WendyHiggins


Seriously guys these entries are all super duper fanatstic!!!

And now, it’s up to you, who will be the winner of this epic contest! Who did the best cover, who deserves most to see her name along Kaidans!

Wendy and I cannot wait to find this out!

Much Love from Wendy and Danny and now…..

Let’s get the final voting coming:

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