R.A.K – Sweetest and Best Feature Ever!

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This post should have been up already last month! 
*frowns at self* 
So, I try not to find any excuses but just go ahead and tell 
you all about it. 
You probably know my lovely girl friends 
The BookSoulmates?
If not, you most definitely have to check them out. 
Anyways. Those ladies have the best and most wonderful
Feature ever: 
Random Act of Kindness
or short: 

check out the Rules here 
go to the March sign ups here
I’ll let Vanessa explain it in her own words: 

“Random Acts of Kindness” is something I’ve been dreaming about doing since last year! Isalys and I are always finding bookish goodies to give each other ‘just because’ {I ♥ my bestie!}. We love seeing the look on the other person’s face when they light up after receiving ‘that book you’ve been dying for’. I figured why not create a way to promote goodwill amongst our fellow book soulmates? There’s nothing like the feeling you get when doing something thoughtful for another person without expecting something in return. You brighten their day and let them know ‘hey, you were thought of today’. 🙂 

As soon as I saw this I knew that is is abolutely the perfect feature for me.
I looove getting stuff for other people. 
Seriously one of the best things about Christmas for me 
is the giving part! 
And.. of course I love getting surprises as well!
Honestly, who wouldn’t …..
This feature started last month and I got already some
wonderful and exciting R.A.K.
Across the Universe

Sin Undone
from the awesome Donna who blogs @ Book Lovers Hideaway 


Stray (Book 1) 
both books I got from Vanessa @ Book Soulmates, who I adore just so much! 

Thank you so much girls for those book,
all of them were books I really wanted to read but never really get around buying…

I however send out R.A.K. to people that haven’t read some
books I was really excited about.
So of course I send out the Darkfever, Bloodfever,
Glass Houses (Morganville 1) and Beautiful Creatures
and hope that the people will love those books just as much as I do ..

This feature is wonderful!
It warms my heart and
makes me happy!


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