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Weekly meme from The Story Siren. The idea is to post the books you got this week,whether you bought them, got them as a gift, from the library, or received them to review.
Hello *Heather sluggishly flaps her hand around* I attended Book Expo America this week with Pushy and Danny and we had a blast! Tons of books (to the tune of 52 pounds, I weighed them) and tons of new people (I’m especially looking at you Jenny from Supernatural Snark and your Mom & MIL- my new fave moms). If you’re curious about what books I picked up at BEA, check out my Goodreads shelf of BEA 2011 books. Since there are too many books to feature, I’ve picked a few to feature that I was dying to get my hands on and a few that I stumbled upon that looked awesome. (All links are to Goodreads)

I got in Chris Raschka’s signing line for Seriously, Norman by accident while on my way to a different author’s signing. Not wanting to look like a tool, I waited patiently for his John Hancock and had a brief chat. It’s always nice to find out that an author grew up close to where I live. Plus, after a little fact finding mission (okay, I read the back cover blurb) I found out that this is the author’s first fiction outing and he is a Caldecott Medalist. Digging a little further, I found out that he is a fantastic illustrator for many children’s books. This book is his first work of children’s fiction, which I don’t usually read, but it looks funny and quirky. I’m totally willing to give it a shot, especially since Chris is such a super nice guy.
Pushy and I came upon Misfit by Jon Skovron at the Abrams booth. This book features a half-demon girl trying to figure out where she fits in. I really love the tag line “Are Some Girls Born To Cause Trouble?”
Graveminder by Melissa Marr was one of three books that I absolutely had to get my hands on. I wanted this one so much that I started the signing line an hour and a half early so I could be first in line and have enough time to scoot over to Maureen Johnson’s line for The Last Little Blue Envelope. I loved Melissa’s Wicked Lovely series and I can’t wait to begin her first adult series.
I love Chuck Palahniuk. He is just the kind of sick and twisted that makes me happy. This was another author that I milled around to be near the front of the signing line and I wound up being second. His new book, Damned, is summed up on the back cover quite nicely “Adolescence is hell? You have no idea…Welcome to the Inferno by way of The Breakfast Club, from the mind of American fiction’s most brilliant troublemaker.” Yep, pure genius. And he just loved the fact that I waited almost two hours to get my book personalized, as you can see below. LOL, he’s such a great guy…
Chuck’s line was so freaking long and he asked about who the book was getting signed to so he could write something unique. I got my copy for my uncle and he signed it to “The Best Uncle in the World.” Truly a class act.
My favorite young adult author is Maureen Johnson, hands down. I left BEA to enjoy the rest of my vacation with my son before she was signing copies of The Name of the Star, her new series. Luckily, Pushy promised me she would get a copy signed for me and she really delivered. And it is definitely personalized. I’m dying to find out what Pushy said to her to make her sign my book like she did.
And finally, JL Bryan mailed me a signed copy of Jenny Pox for pimping his book as much as Pushy and I do. Sadly, the big publishers haven’t Amanda Hockinged Jeff’s work yet and snatched him up yet so he wasn’t at BEA, but we can cross our fingers. As a matter of fact, I just pimped his books and Scott Nicholson’s out to my OB on Friday. Very strange coversation going on there, but it wasn’t uncomfortable since he did deliver my baby after all and he loves books!
Anyway, I got a copy of Jenny Pox with the fantastic new cover and his message made me laugh too. Maybe we can meet Jeff at BEA next year since he’s too busy staying home on baby watch himself.
Anyone else come home with a great selection of books this week? What’s the funniest thing someone has written in a book to you?

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