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Discussed! Why do we seek ARC’s ?

Saturday means Discussion time here at the Bookworms. And since we are right now running our PubLove Feature I thought it would be great to talk about why we want to seek ARC’s in the first place! I don’t want to discuss this topics only with Book Bloggers, but also with readers, so awesome readers who are […]

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Discussed! Turning down Review Requests


It’s Saturday! *sigh* Weekend and… Discussion time here at the Bookworms! In our last Discussion post Lindy suggested to talk about Turning Down Review Requests. So, that’s what we are doing! Some time ago a Discussed! Post about how to request reviews in the first place, so we are not going to touch this subject […]

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BEA2U – Scheduling your visit at BEA!

 It’s Tuesday and we are getting closer and closer to BEA! Less than 2 more weeks …. Counting the days…  Scheduling your day at BEA Hello!  *Pushy waves furiously*  It’s Pushy here with Danny today, to help out with this week’s segment.  As, by far, the most obsessive Bookworm when it comes to schedules and planning, Danny’s […]

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