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Best New Blog 2010 – Reader’s Choice at Mindful Musings

*blushes* … *dances around* …. *blushes again* ……  *jumps around* ….. *still blushing* Ok you might ask now  “What the heck is wrong with you…”  and I say “Thanks for asking! But I’m super excited (see above) because we are nominated for ….. *dramatic pause*  ….. The Best New Blog 2010  at Natalie from The […]

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Yes, we have spruced the place up!

Hello, dear reader! In case you’ve stopped by and noticed the little changes here and there around our blog, no, you’re not seeing things. We did indeed change the font for our post titles, add a sharing bar at the bottom of all of our posts (go ahead and show your love for us on […]

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Lucky Winners, Happy Book Blogger and a Giveaway!

You remember the contest we held last month? We gave away 7 awesome prizes, including 2 Custom Layouts … from … uhm.. me! Wicked Walker and Mindful Musings both won those, and it was wonderful working with those two girls and designing a blog for them. I’m so happy to get to know those two […]

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