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It’s Heather here today sharing my ….

Super Six Series I Need to Catch Up On!

It happens to all of us. You read a book and then have to wait a year for the next in the series to come out. Then the book is finally published, but something keeps you from picking it up for one reason or another. I keep preordering them and they come in the mail, but I’ve yet to sit down and read all of these. This is my list of series that I’ve fallen behind on, even though I’ve loved these series in the past. 


I was seriously in love with this series for the first books. Merit was sassy, unsure, and just trying to find her way as a new vampire and her place in Cadogan house. But then my favorite character was taken out of the books and I was sad, outraged, and then just plain irritated. I know he’s back (because I did look at the back of one of my preordered books) and the author did it for a reason, but I’ve yet to get back in to these books. Books five through nine have now piled up.


I was pretty excited when I read through books one through eight in a row, but having to wait for the rest was killer. Now the limiting factor has been lugging these thick hardcovers in my bag on the train with me.


These crime mysteries featuring a dog loving defense attorney are among my favorite books, but I’ve always had other books that I had promised to read and review. I just need to find the time to catch back up with Andy and the gang…


Book eleven wasn’t that great, but I’ve gone this far with the series so I just need to see it through to the end–even though the end has been spoiled thanks to someone who leaked it on the internet.  I don’t have very high expectations, but I still want to finish this up.


The Queen Betsy Undead series is super fun and has taken a turn for the more serious and dark in later books, but I’ve just been a bit busy to keep up. Since book twelve comes out this Tuesday, I really need to catch up with these when I’m in the mood for some excellent snark.


I’ve been a faithful reader of Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta Medical Examiner series since the mid-2000’s. Book 21 is due out in November, but I’ve yet to read book 18 since it’s still in my Grandmother’s hands. She’s had it for two years and sure it’s 500 pages or so, but I’m thinking she’s never going to read it so I can catch up.


What series have you fallen behind on and what are the reasons? Fallen out of love with the characters? Didn’t like the direction the story was moving? Just don’t have the time to catch back up since your to be read pile is a mile high like mine?

Please link up your post so that me and others can come and visit you! 

……and next week’s topic is: Super 6 Killer Endings from Pushy

Happy Sunday! 



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21 Responses to “Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up On”

  1. There are, unfortunately, so many series I need to catch up with. I’m trying to end as many series as I can this year, but I always seem to start more than I can handle. Haha. That’s the thing with books nowadays. They’re all part of a series and you have to wait a couple of years before the last book is published, so it’s almost impossible to end them. One of them I hope to read is Delirium. I wasn’t such a fan of book one, but I’m still willing to give the other two a shot.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted..Review 180. Adam Gidwitz – In a glass Grimmly.My Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    I’ve tried to stop reading new series until they’re finished, and I’ve been pretty successful with a few. The series that I have started have been Indie published so the books come out much faster–two a year, for example, and are still very high quality books like Karina Halle’s Experiment in Terror series.

    Delirium is one of the series I was waiting to finish before I started, so it’s in my stack. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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  2. I can totally relate to Chicagoland Vampires! I completely believed that THAT character would be gone for good, so I refused to continue with the series. I really must pick those books up again. And I need to start the Black Dagger Brotherhood books one day. I’ve heard nothing but good things. 🙂
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted..Review: The Burning Sky by Sherry ThomasMy Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was mad when he was killed off! I read the next book without him being in it and it wasn’t the same, so I just looked through the next book when it came in the mail and saw he comes back in the end. I’m still a little soured on that, so I haven’t picked them back up yet. But I keep on buying them and they are piling up quick…

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are great and addicting, so they will suck you in. Be prepared, lol!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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  3. Is it sad I never heard of any of these books? I know what you mean when you know there’s only a few books left but the wait has been so long you’re not into it as much as you were before. I will definitely be checking these out! Happy Sunday!
    Reese’s recently posted..Super Six Sunday #6My Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    It’s not sad! If you don’t read paranormal romance books, you won’t know about Chicagoland Vampires, Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Undead series, or the Sookie Stackhouse series (although the tv show True Blood is based off these books). The Andy Carpenter series and the Kay Scarpetta series are adult contemporary crime fiction. Andy is an attorney with a soft spot for animal rescue while Kay Scarpetta is a medical examiner so the books are full of science, dead things, and her relationships with her criminal profiler husband and family. All very good series, just so many books to catch up on!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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  4. 18 of 21??? The series hasn’t gotten old?? My God that’s a lot of books! Of course my series are all YA, but I could have gone a lot longer than six. But this is a great list. I stopped the Black Dagger Brotherhood but I’m wondering now if I should pick it up now that a new generation is being written about. I remember reading that first one, again, long before blogging and my mind was blown away! That is one vampire series that, to me, does not fit the mold!

    Great list Heather! Love this theme this week!!
    Heather @ Buried in Books recently posted..Super Six Sunday- What Series Do You Need To Catch Up On??My Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    You’d think the books would get stale, but that series seriously hasn’t yet. I obviously can’t speak for the last four books yet, but each book deals with a new subject and murder, so they are very different. Twenty-one and counting with no end in sight!

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood books were starting to get a bit repetitious, but they are much better with the new batch of vampires. Pick them up again!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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  5. I haven’t read any of these series, but I am grossly behind on the Morganville Vampire series. I think I’m 7 books through, which should seem like a lot — but they’re still going strong. I think there are 14 books the last I looked. Not as many as the Kay Scarpetta series, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it reached 18 soon!
    Becca @ Nawanda Files recently posted..Sexy Sunday: Ricochet by K.B. Ritchie + GIVEAWAY + Blog Tour Sign-UpsMy Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    And once you get behind in the books, you feel so overwhelmed just to think about catching up!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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  6. I have completely given up on Sookie. I stopped 3 books back and don’t have it in me to finish and with the spoilers that are out there, I know how it ends.
    Kate @ Too Read or Not Too Read recently posted..Super Six Sunday: Playing Catch-UpMy Profile

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    Heather 8/4/2013

    I’ve invested too much time and energy to not finish them, it’s just a matter of when I’ll finally get to the final two books. I’m not very happy with who Sookie wound up with, but maybe I’ll change my mind after I read the book.
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Heather’s Book Series To Catch Up OnMy Profile

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