Tag: Psychological Suspense

The Quiet Girl by S.F. Kosa – #TLCBookTours Review and Giveaway

  It’s been a while since I’ve read a psychological suspense that was predictable on the surface, but was oh so twisty-turny underneath that I loved every minute of guessing just what was going on. S.F. Kosa’s debut novel in this genre, The Quiet Girl, was a fantastic case of an unreliable narrator pitted against […]


After Nightfall by A.J. Banner – #TLCBookTours Review and Giveaway

Marissa Parlette is an elementary school speech therapist, and she’s newly engaged to the man of her dreams–who happens to be the father of one of her patients that she’s successfully helped at school. To announce their engagement, Marissa and EMT Nathan gather their close friends and family for a dinner party, but the night […]


Review and Giveaway – Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

  The psychological thriller Beside Myself takes a good look at many things like nature vs. nurture, mental illness and how it affects families, the repercussions of suicide, and sibling rivalry. Twins Helen and Ellie have a unique but tenuous relationship when they’re young, mainly based on the strain after their artist father’s suicide and […]