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I’m pretty thrilled to host a wonderful author today to celebrate her newest release Famous In Love , which I already reviewed (and LOVED) last week! So, when I got the chance to be on the Blog Tour, I was so excited, because I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about with Rebecca! She’s a huge fan of Love Triangles, and of course it also plays a big role in Famous In…

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend are are ready for a wonderful bookish week! I am honored and extremely pleased to kick off the blog tour for “The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas”. This is a book I am so excited about that I was jumping around when Jamie and Rachel from Rockstar Book Tours allowed me to be on this tour.  Even more, I loved this book…


Hello, and help me welcome author/screenwriter Gregory Widen to our blog today for a guest post on how he came up with the ideas for his new historical thriller, Blood Makes Noise. I reviewed this book last week and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so I hope you’ll check it out and enter our Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the book. The book drops today, April 30,…


To celebrate the release of the fifth installment in the rockin’ fun Songs of Magic series, JL Bryan is playing an imaginary game…a board game to be exact. And since he knows that my favorite character from the Songs of Magic series is the eternally grumpy, sarcastic, and hungry goblin Grizlemor, I get to feature the Snack Cards today–complete with comments from the the most lovable goblin out there. Take…


I guess you all know by now how incredibly excited I am about all those “New Adult” books. Books that feature College Age Kids and are a little edgier than our usual YA books! Easy is one of the books I am not getting tired of recommending , because it’s just so damn good! Easy has been picked up by Penguin after the initial hype surrounding the self-published version! So…


Thirteen Things Learned From Taken at Dusk by CC Hunter and a Giveaway of Taken At Dusk!


Guest Post from Tiffany Allee Author of Banshee Charmer & Giveaway!

kg to the rescue…

Greetings fellow Bookworms! kg here. cutie is currently fighting for her sanity whilst enduring the semester from hell.  so I am here to entertain you and curb your appetite for rambling shenanigans until she emerges  from what I can only imagine is a mountain of homework with laundry and 4 kids all mixed in. the only drama I’ve been dealing with is what book to read next. to make matters…

Ward Against Death by Melanie Card Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Welcome to the Ward Against Blog Tour Stop here at the Bookworms: Ward Against Death is the debut YA novel from author Melanie Card  and we are happy to welcome Melanie here today with a special character interview,  where she interviews her main character Edward – The Reluctant Necromancer (*giggles* I love the name of the series!!) Ward Against Death by Melanie Card –   (website, twitter, facebook) Book I of…

Indie Spyglass: Jennifer Sommersby and Giveaway

Good Morning and happy Monday… Today I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favorite authors:   Jennifer Sommersby, author of Sleight I remember reading her email where she asked me so nicely if I’d like to read her book. We started  chatting and then I started reading and then I was in love. With both Jenn and her book.(my Sleight review)  Welcome Jennifer today at the Bewitched Bookworms where…

Attachments Book Tour and Contest – Guest Post By Rainbow Rowell

Please help me (Heather) welcome Rainbow Rowell. She’s the author of the fabulous new release, Attachments (my review here).   Here’s Rainbow!*****************************************“I’m worried that he’s too nerdy,” my editor said.“But I like that he’s nerdy,” I said. “Me, too …” she said. “But will people want him to get the girl?”“I want him to get the girl,” I said.She sighed. “Me, too.” When I started writing my first novel, Attachments,…

The Samaritan Blog Tour- Guest Post by Fred Venturini and International Contest

Please help me give a warm welcome to Fred Venturini, author of Blank Slate Press’ The Samaritan. I’ve read, reviewed, and absolutely loved this book, in which we follow Dale from junior high through early adulthood, discovering what it’s like to be lonely, experience loss, first love, and most importantly, what life is like if you can regenerate parts of your body. You’d think that would be totally cool, and for the most part it is….

Guest Post by Allison Brennan and Giveaway

Hello, everyone, Heather here again with another TLC Book Tour Stop. Please help me welcome New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan, author of Love Me To Death(My review here), her first Lucy Kincaid series book which was just released on December 28, 2010. Allison is also the author of thirteen novels and three short stories. Allison Brennan (Webpage, Facebook, Twitter) Now on to Allison’s guest post on Bewitched Bookworms…


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