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Let’s All Go To The Movies

I often ponder if there is anything better in life then seeing the imagines we pictured in our heads whilst reading come to life on the big screen. Taking the good with the bad, 9 times out of 10, my little heart will pound with an. tici. a…… pation when I hear about a book […]

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cutie and danny get real real

Today I am happy to say I have a co-writer with me. The one. The only. Danny!! *the crowd goes wild* Take a bow, my friend.*giggles* glad you invited me today!  So what’s so special about today that two Bookworms  are joining forces (much like the Avengers) to tackle  a silly little cutie’s corner post?! […]

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science fiction (oh oh oh) double feature

Doctor X  [oh oh oh] will build a creature. Meet androids fighting Brad annnnnnd…. Oh hey. Didn’t see ya there. Hm. What was I supposed to be doing?Oh yeah. I like me some good Science Fiction.How about you? And since this semester I just.so.happen to be studying a lil Science [Astronomy to be precise] I […]

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cutie’s back in the saddle again

Let’s be frank.I’ve been of the lame when it comes to reviewing book lately.I’m gonna blame:1. the not so lil cuties2. schooling3. Mr. Whedon (creator of the wonderment)4. pie5. pure unadulterated lazinessNow some of you might have missed me.Most of you are wondering who the heckles I am and what’s up with the darned-able: Let me […]

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cutie gives thanks

 Today is Thanksgiving here in the States. A day set aside to spend time with your loved ones,shove food down the face hole(one of my all time favey fave activities by the by), and reflect upon all the things we have to be grateful for.It’s more than just the turkey or the cranberries or the […]

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Feels Like The First Time

Hey there Bookworms! Last week, Danny posted about The Story Siren’s Debut Author Challenge, which got me pondering and wondering how many debut author books I had read this year. According to the “rules,” the Siren has challenged us all to read at least 12 books by authors that debuted this year. Here’s my list […]

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Makin’ A List & Checkin’ It Twice

For all of you who tuned into our last episode of cutie’s corner, ‘aka the place where randomness (& rambling) reigns’ y’all know I confessed that I am a book hoarder, and I did so solemnly swear that whilst I would not stop buying books nor stop borrowing them from the library, I was bound […]

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cutie’s ideals of grandeur (or epic fail?)

I *heart* the meme post In My Mailboxwhich is hosted by the lovely Story Siren. However… I do not like what it has made me realize about myself.I am a book hoarder.It would appear I like to buy and/or rent a ton of books,put them on my bookshelves, and then read something else.Why do I […]

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The One Where You Tell cutie What To Do

Morning Bookworms. *yawns* This morning as I sit at my desk trying to blink the sleepy out of my eyes whilst listening to the baby do her thang it has suddenly dawned on me: I haven’t read a book all week. *flabbergast* I know right? And it’s not like I don’t have a stack of […]

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Let’s Fall In Love

I am such a girl. Before you say duh let-me-‘splain. See I *heart* reading a looot. (Can I get another duh?) Pretty much any book will do me. (*giggles* do me…) But it’s the romance I crave… maybe crave doesn’t described it best. hm… how about need, want, desire, require, long for, have to have […]

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Adventures in Reading

I remember the book that made me fall in love with reading. I was visiting my Grandma back east for the summer. As I was packing up to head home she handed me a paper back novel. I can recall the moment so vividly. The book was The Secret by Julie Garwood. She described it […]

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 Hey there. *grins sheepishly*Did you know today is Thursday?Annnd that it just so happens to be the second Thursday of the month?Yeah, *shuffles feet* I sorta didn’t realize that, chalk it up toa busy week, a massive headache, and all that boring jazz.Or, better yet, it’s my true flaky nature coming to light.Either way, whilst […]

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