Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge Winner!

aIt’s over *sniffles* and it was so much fun! Did you had fun too? Did you read as much as you thought you will or less? Unfortunately I read less than I thought. I was so willing to spend my nights but 2 nights I slept on the couch. Again, I should have substituted the […]

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Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

*waves* Hi Girls! And? how is it going with reading from Dusk Till Dawn? I have to say I sucked a bit, yesterday I fell asleep on my couch – I guess it was the Red Wines fault… Anyway I finally managed to finish Mockingjay!!! Which means I read 400 pages – still it seems […]

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Dusk till Dawn : Read-A-Thon – Join the Fun!

Jen from Book Crazy is hosting a Read A Thon with lots of Mini-Challanges along the way. The idea is to read from Dusk till Dawn (8pm to 8am) and YES you can and should sleep in between! 🙂 Since this is the time I read most of my books anyway I decided this would […]

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Review: Blood, Smoke and Mirrors

As I mentioned in my last post (The Pace, awesome book btw..) , I use different sources to find new Books. This one here I found again at amazon ( no! it’s still not an commercial…) and I was just intrigued by the synopsis and the warning : Warning: This book contains one tough and […]

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Help a Charity!

We wanted to spread the word about a wonderful project our friend Jillian at Random Ramblings is holding together with her friends Linna from 21 Pages and Raila from Books Out of the Bookshelves. I’ll take her words to let you know what the girls have planned: We’ve been so excited planning for this event, […]

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Review: Think of a Number by John Verdon

Think of a Number Author: John VerdonPublished: July 6, 2010Links: Goodreads, The Book Cellar, Anderson’s Bookshop (my local indies),Amazon (available as Kindle edition)free ARC obtained from Netgalley Description: Arriving in the mail over a period of weeks are taunting letters that end with a simple declaration, “Think of any number…picture it…now see how well I […]

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Let’s get this Hop started!!

TGIF!!! Which of course means that it’s time for the BlogHop and the Follow Friday and a review of we did this week! Let’s start with Jen’s Blog Hop. She is so wonderful for hosting this event every week! Thanks so much Jen for all your work!!! This week’s question is : How many blogs […]

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Happy Birthday, Uhyesplease!!!!!!


Today is one of our favorite bloggy-girl’s birthday!!! Uhyesplease is a tireless friend,who frequently volunteers her timebetaing the writing of others,cheerleading more than one writer along,writing her own worksas well as fabulous book reviewsand is, in general,an all around wonderful woman! Uhyesplease, we’re so beyond glad thatwe get to call you our friendand we wish […]

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Yes, we have spruced the place up!

Hello, dear reader! In case you’ve stopped by and noticed the little changes here and there around our blog, no, you’re not seeing things. We did indeed change the font for our post titles, add a sharing bar at the bottom of all of our posts (go ahead and show your love for us on […]

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Incarceron Winner and Review: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique Author: Catherine FisherPublished: Originally published in the UK in September 18, 2008,Scheduled for release in the US on December 28, 2010Links: Goodreads, The Book Cellar, Anderson’s Bookshop (my local indies),Amazon (No Kindle edition currently available)ARC obtained from Traveling ARC Tours/UK edition purchased by reviewer Description: Finn has escaped from the terrible living Prison of […]

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cutie’s epic detour

Have you ever read a novel that stole your breath away?And not because it was full of super-natural twists and turns,but merely due to the pureness… the realness of the story.A story that makes you tear up, laugh out loud, and simply feelgood inside. One that you wished would never end becausethe characters become apart […]

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Review – The Pace

How do you search and choose the books you want to read? I have different sources. Most of my books I find on goodreads, where I met so many great people that have the same taste like me, so I always have a closer look at what they read and when they love it – […]

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