The Life After Series by Katlyn Duncan – Recipe for Swoon Worthy Boys!

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Today, I have to pleasure to host The Life Afzer Series by Katlyn Duncan. The series is just the perfect paranormal romance Young Adult themed story that I love so very much! So I was excited when I got a spot on her Blog Tour!


And … since I’m a bigger for love and romance and since I so easily fall for the fictional boy in these stories. I asked Katlyn to share with us her Recipe for Swoon Worthy Boys!

Ingredients for a swoon worthy love interest 

by Katlyn Duncan


When I read or write, I love to escape to a place outside of reality for a little while. And even though it is quite real to experience a swoon worthy love interest in the real world, coming across them in books is much more likely.

In earlier drafts, Jackson was always alluring but he wasn’t very swoon worthy. A lot of his layers came later in drafts where his position in the story changed. I had to think why Maggie would ever be attracted to him in her past and him being a lifeless guy who was just hot wouldn’t do it for my heroine. The list of ingredients that I love to read about in other books started to come to life in Jackson as I developed him further.

I love making lists so here are my ingredients for a swoon worthy love interest. Note, there are many (many!) other qualities of a swoon-worthy love interest but for sake of making this a book in itself I will just list a few qualities that Jackson possesses.

  • Physical attractiveness: It is key to have at the very least, the lead be attracted to a swoon worthy love interest. She sees him and her heart stops and her stomach flutters when he is near her. Jackson is a smouldering dark-haired, blue eyed guy that catches Maggies attention almost immediately.
  • Loyalty: I love a guy who will do anything for his girl. Initially, Jackson is forced to be in Maggie’s life, but soon enough he doesn’t need anyone’s help in knowing where he wants to be. Sometimes his loyalty goes over the top in some people’s eyes but in his mind it’s just as normal as breathing.
  • Chemistry: In addition to that first spark of attractivness, the swoon worthy love interest has to have chemistry with the lead. Jackson had an advantage on Maggie in her past but that just added to how he felt about her. And Maggie’s sensed connection with him from the day they met intensified their chemistry.
  • Confidence: Sometimes I feel this is misinterpreted into cockiness, but I think a love interest should be confient in his actions; whether it is because he has concrete walls around him or as a consequence of his back story. With Jackson, he borders on the line of confidence and cockiness when it comes to his job, but he has a lot of experience to atribute to that characteristic.
  • Mystery: And there’s always the mystery! Understanding why the guy acts confident/cocky and why he shies away from questions is part of the reason I keep reading a book with a swoon worthy guy. And Jackson is full of mystery. We really don’t know much about him until later in the trilogy so be sure to stick with it and remember not everyone is as they seem…

What are your ingredients for a swoon-worthy love interest? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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