Bewitched Kids Corner {14} Scholastic Books Through Elementary Schools

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Happy Friday, and welcome to the latest installment of our monthly feature.

Happy Friday! One of my favorite memories I have from grade school was that magical moment when I’d get the flyer for Scholastic books. I’d pour over the choices for hours, trying to narrow down my picks for the perfect books. And what was better than attending one of their book fairs at your school–browsing the tables of books until you found just what you wanted?


Now that my son is in preschool, I was delighted to see the first paper flyer with the Scholastic logo on top. I’m sure that I was actually more excited to pick out books than my son, but together we looked through the pages for his age and made a few selections. And then I went on-line to put in my order and added a lot more.

I learned my lesson in needing to use moderation when my poor little guy fell over backwards because his backpack was so heavy from all the books in that first order.


By participating in the Scholastic Reading Club and having my order linked to my son’s teacher, every purchase I make earns his classroom free books. The books offered are super affordable, a mix of new series and old favorites, and we can always find something to buy. Here’s a few of our book picks:


My son and I spend many hours reading the books we order, and I hope to not only build a special bond with him, but to also make a reader out of him–just like his mom.

Do you remember Scholastic books and book fairs from when you were young and in school? Are you supporting your child’s school by purchasing books through this fantastic program and creating a reader out of your child at the same time? Let me know!




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9 Responses to “Bewitched Kids Corner {14} Scholastic Books Through Elementary Schools”

  1. YES! I loved the book club when I was younger, though my parents didn’t have much money and 5 kids, so I don’t recall ever getting anything (except the time in 2nd grade when I filled it out and handed it in with a checkmark in the “cheque enclosed” box, and got the books even though my parents didn’t pay for them…I still feel terrible about it to this day). When the book fairs would come to town, I was *sometimes* lucky enough to get something like a pencil, lol.

    Since my kids started school, I’m always dying to see what is available each month, but they always forget to bring the flyers to me (they live with their dad, and he’s not a reader). I’ve asked the teachers to put a note in their agendas with the due date so I can check online and still place the orders, but no such luck…but seriously, I’d LOVE to be able to buy them books, they just never give the flyers to me! ARGH! SOO frustrating!
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    • That’s got to be frustrating that you can’t get a hold on even one flyer. It only took one time to set my son’s profile up online and it’s all set for each month so I can do everything online without needing the flyer anymore. We didn’t have that much money when I was growing up either, but my parents always found a way for my sister and I to buy a few books. We were also very big on the library!
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