Welcome to this year’s Spring Blog Carnival!

Angela from Reading Angel, Candace from Candace’s Book Blog, and Lori from Pure Imagination are throwing the third annual Spring Blog Carnival! Thank you so much, girls, for this amazing and exciting event!

Blogs all over the BookBlogysphere are hosting exciting Booths and Challenges! Be sure to stop all all the other stops and see what they are offering you to have some fun!

If you stopped here on your way through the Carnival – be warned, it will get a little darker here…

You sure you wanna stay? 

Well, enter at your own risk….

Then we welcome you here at the Bookworms to …


… and imagine you are stepping into a parlor full of ink, tattoo and piercing art and .. Baby! It hurts so good!

Don’t we all love our Bad Boys? Those boys that have amazing tattoos and a lip piercing or two? Those boys that melt our hearts because they are moody, brooding and sexy as hell? Yes, we all love these …


Now, come to our Challenge!

Get your own Bad Boy Ink and a Piercing! Yes, we dare you!

So what do you have to do now?


  1. Get a Random Number from the Random Generator for the Tattoo – write it down
  2. Get a Random Number from the Random Generator for the Piercing – write it down
  3. Go to our Pinterest “House of Pain” boards: one for the Tattoos and one for the Piercings and search for your number!
  4. Go to the comments and tell us which tattoo and piercing you got, and tell us which book comes to your mind when you saw the Tattoo, or which book boy this tattoo or piercing reminds you of! 

Get Your Tattoo:

Now, get your Piercing

And now go to our Pinterest Board and see what you are going to get!

Don’t worry, we have the best Tattoo Artists and Piercers in our House of Pain!  And they’re going to take GOOD care of you! *wink*

SpringBlog_Ink   SpringBlog_Piercing

And now… here are the Books you can win:

Young Adult – Bad Boy Section


New Adult Bad Boy Section



We will have 3 winners (’cause we are three Bookworms…) and each winner can choose one book from our list and can even choose, if you prefer, Hardcover, eBook, or Audiobook!

So, we’re excited to see what you get!

Danny’s favorite Tattoo is Number  3 and Danny’s favorite Piercing is Number 10!

Heather’s favorite Tattoo is Number 17 and favorite Piercing is Number 6.

Pushy’s favorite Tattoo is Number 9 and favorite Piercing is Number 4.

Let’s get marked up, girls!



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I got Tattoo 15 and Piercing 3. The tattoo reminds me of Puck from the Iron Fey series. Not sure what the piercing reminds me of.
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Kathy L. 5/6/2013

I got number 6 piercing and number 10 tattoo which makes me think of The Mortal Instruments series. My favorite piercing are 7 and 5 while my favorite tattoos are 20, 12, and 13.

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Barbara 5/6/2013

I had tattoo #15 and piercing #2.

Honestly, tattoo #15 reminded me of Huckleberry Finn. :D Piercing #2 reminded me of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.

I love the #7 piercing/earring. I’d get that one if I could find it.
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kim 5/6/2013

Tattoo #: 8
LOVE LOVE the tattoo. I know the tattoo is supposed to remind me of the Raven boys, but it actually reminds me of the vampires from the Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian. None of the vamps actually turn into ravens, but they are “of the night” and “fast movers” and “protective of what is theirs” …. just like I imagine a raven would be.

Piercing # 2
Very cool piercing! Something I have thought about doing in the past, but chickened out. I would like to think that Sylvie from Creed has this piercing. I know she is mostly bad_ss but I’d like to think she has a little bit of the ‘cool’ factor going on as well. She’s such a great character.

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Cali W. 5/6/2013

I got Tattoo #7: The tattoo reminds me of Patch from Hush, Hush.
And I got Piercing #8: The Piercing reminds me of Cole from Everbound.
I love the tattoo and the piercing! ;)

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Christina K. 5/6/2013

I got 4 for the Tattoo (so cool, it’s a literary one and JK Rowling too!!!!) and 9 for the piercing – I immediately thought of Easy by Tammara Webber and Lucas. He’s the type of guy who would get a tattoo of a book that is important to him:)

This is an awesome booth:))

Thank you:)

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

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Lea Krnjeta 5/6/2013

I got tattoo 16 and piercing 6. The tattoo reminded me of the fairies from Iron fey series, Puck especially, and the piercing reminded me of Donovan, the biker guy from Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.
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Anna 5/6/2013

Can’t find if this challenge is open to USA/Canada only or international?

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Danny 5/6/2013

International. I updated the post ;-)) Good luck!!!

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miki 5/6/2013

tatoo 2:
not something i like but at least it’s small^^;; it make me think about someone who wants to be “bad” but prefer to have soem security

percing 10: really i don’t want one like that…too afraid i guess and it doesn’t remind me anything
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Mary @ BookSwarm 5/6/2013

I got tat 6 and piercing 4 — Love & a lip piercing. Love…kissing…with a bit of pain… I’m going to go with PUSHING THE LIMITS & Noah.

Fun & very different challenge! Love it!
Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Spring Blog Carnival: MUD RUNMy Profile

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I got Tattoo #14, which is a beautiful quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Piercing #4, which is a tongue ring and perfectly suited to any bad boy. ;)

Both the tattoo and piercing remind me of the Everneath series, and strangely remind me of both Bad Boy Cole and Good Guy (who got all twisty and dark when his soul mate was kidnapped) Jack. I think Becks is both their ideas of infinite love, and either one of them could have the smexy piercing. It’s also a great piercing to put life savers on. ;)

Love the use of Pinterest for this booth! Hope to see you again at BEA!
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Ashley Rogers 5/6/2013

Tattoo 20: This tattoo made me think of a line in the “Last Samurai”. Katsumoto, their Samurai leader, said that the cherry blossoms were perfect which immediately made me think of the Uglies book.

Piercing 8: This made me think of one of my fav boy characters Jeb from Splintered… (although he has a piercing in the center of his lip) I can still picture him having this one!

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! This was super fun!!!

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Carmen B. 5/6/2013

I got tattoo number 7 (the feather) and piercing number 5 (arrow). I actually wouldn’t mind either! ^^ I’ve been meaning to get some new ink for a while (I have ‘memento mori’ tattooed behind my left ear). Can’t remember a book with someone having either of them, but the feather for some reason made me think of Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone :)
From the piercings I like number 1 and 8 a lot but only have number 6. Oh and I love the Perks of Being a Wallflower tattoo :D
Awesome idea for a challenge/giveaway! I’ve read most of the books but I’d love to win Faking It!
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Heather C. 5/6/2013

I got tattoo 8 & piercing 7. The tattoo reminds me of the Raven Boys & not just because it said it on the pinterest post, lol. I do love my piercing though =)
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Andrea 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #2: Mischief Managed. Perfect and I love it. And it reminded me of Harry Potter, obviously.
I got piercing #1: Right by the eye. This one reminded me of Angela from the Unearthly series.

Such a fun challenge!
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Tattoo 15 and Piercing 10 – that lip piercing looks like it’s going to hurt!

The tattoo makes me think of Peter Pan…is that weird? I guess I’m now thinking of Tiger Lily. =p

Awesome giveaway and booth!
Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit recently posted..Guest Review: Red Moon by Benjamin PercyMy Profile

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Vivien 5/6/2013

Tattoo #11: Carpe Diem — Seize the Day :D Unfortunately, all I can think of is Harry Potter because he does just that :p


Piercing #8 Lip Piercing This reminds me of Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr


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Jenny 5/6/2013

OOOOOooooo DANNY!!! I got #16 for the tattoos and that’s on Lucas’s arm from EASY! I AM A WINNER JUST BECAUSE OF THAT! I couldn’t have picked a better number if I’d tried:) This was awesomely fun.

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Nara 5/6/2013

I got Tattoo 1 (which is clearly the Hunger Games) and Piercing 5.
Thanks for the giveaway!
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CORDELIA 5/6/2013

Tattoo Number 14 – The Perks of being a Wallflower – That tattoo reminds me of Twilight!
Piercing #8 – ok this just grosses me out!

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Gilly 5/6/2013

Tatoo 20 – loved those asian characters and cherry blossoms!
Piercing 7 – i had a branch theme, it seems

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jovialvampyre 5/6/2013

Tattoo is Number 11 – the butterfly
Piercing is Number 4 – the tongue

Walking Disaster

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cynthia garcia 5/6/2013

Tattoo I got number 11 Which I love the Butterfly! It reminds me of Beautiful and Walking Disaster. Piercing I got number 2 It reminds me of a TON of books.

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Pabkins 5/6/2013

Freaking AWESEOM Raven Boys tatoo for me – sweet I got lucky on that random since I LOVED that book.

My Peircing? A tongue barbell – which I could totally see myself getting both of these!

I LOVED this stop! fav so far

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Pabkins 5/6/2013

Oh yeah by the way didn’t see a rafflecopter for this is it just a comment entry? (tat 9 and pierce 4)
Pabkins recently posted..Review: School Spirits by Rachel HawkinsMy Profile

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I got numbers 6 and 3 soooo… Beautiful Disasters tattooed on my arms and piercings in my nose and eyebrow! I’m a changed woman! Watch out boys!
Asti (A Bookish Heart) recently posted..Bookish Event: The Spring Blog Carnival 2013 [Bumper Cars]My Profile

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My tattoo was #8 and my piercing was #6. The tattoo immediately made me think of The Raven Boys. Not sure about the piercing though.
Lauren@Mommabears Book Blog recently posted..Sweet Mercy Grand Finale with Giveaway!My Profile

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Rachelle 5/6/2013

Tattoo #10: Totally reminds me of Travis from Beautiful Disaster and even Caleb Becker from Leaving Paradise.

Piercing #1: All I can think of when I look at the piercing is The Daughter of Smoke and Bone (I can’t even remember if the main character had piercings) but the way she had blue hair and a sleeve of tattoos made me think that this would fit her perfectly.
Rachelle recently posted..Wait For You: Cover RevealMy Profile

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I got 11 and 3 which reminded me of Beautiful Disaster because of the butterfly! Love this!

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Veronika 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #14 and piercing #6. The tattoo made me think of The Perks of being a Wallflower!
Love the game!

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Veronika Briseno 5/6/2013

I got Tattoo #7 and made me think of Fallen, because is a fetter. and Piercing #7 too. Love the number is my lucky one.
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Veronika Briseno 5/6/2013

sorry typo error the Tattto is a feather

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Kim @ YA Asylum 5/6/2013

My tattoo is #10, which is totally not going to happen. But I think the Perks of Being a Wallflower tattoo is cute. My piercing is #5, which is more likely to happen. It’s a cute little arrow. I love #7.
Kim @ YA Asylum recently posted..Week Round-Up #8: Book Deals & Publishing NewsMy Profile

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Tattoo: 3. Piercing: 9. Both of them are things I’d never take :p I have no idea, because I hardly read any books with piercings and tattoos. Perhaps Splintered, because Morpheus sound like someone who could have piercing 9.
Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted..Review 155. Kiersten White – Endlessly.My Profile

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Wren B. 5/6/2013

I got #20 for the tattoo and #2 for the piercing. The tattoo reminds me of a giesha story and the piercing reminds me of Divergent something a dauntless would wear.

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Awesome! I got Tattoo 19 and Piercing 2. I already have my eyebrow pierced and I would totally get a tat of The Cheshire Cat.
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_Sandra_ 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #11 – definitely reminds me of Walking Disaster and piercing #4 – Beautiful Disaster, for sure.
Thanks for a giveaway! :)

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Vanessa K. 5/6/2013

I got tattoo 18- reminds of of Morpheus from splintered (cause the white rabbit was his friend) and piercing 8 which dosn’t really remind me of anything

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Sarah 5/6/2013

I got piercing 2, which kinda reminds me of the cover of Going Too Far, even though the guy in there wasn’t too bad and didn’t have a piercing as far as I can remember haha
I got tattoo 18, which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland ‘I’m late, I’m late..’ I guess the rabbit can count as a bad boy since he led Alice down the rabbit hole :P


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Jessica 5/6/2013

I got tattoo number 12 and it reminds of Abby in Beautiful Disaster because I can picture getting something like that done. As for the piercing, I got number 1 and for some odd reason it reminds me of Lisbeth in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
Jessica recently posted..Book Review: Bee Ridgway’s The River of No ReturnMy Profile

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Chenise J. 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #8 which is definitely a reminder of The Raven Boys. I also got piercing #6 but I can’t think of someone who had a nose ring!

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Krista 5/6/2013

I got the perks of being a wallflower tattoo.
I got the arrow earring which reminds me of the Hunger Games.
Thanks for the giveaway!

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Danielle Sarabia 5/6/2013

I got tattoo 20 and it made me think of Park because he’s Asian (he’s not a bad boy though). I got piercing 3 and I thought of Luke from Easy because I think he has an eyebrow piercing.

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Atalia 5/6/2013

Piercing: 8- this lip piercing reminds me of Scott Mason from Rocked Under

Thanks! :)

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I got tattoo 13, which reminds me of Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, and piercing number 1 which looks just plain painful. Piercing number 5 is super cute. I keep seeing these awesome industrial piercings. My favourite tattoo is definitely number 8. I repinned it XD

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Inky 5/6/2013

Haha! Bad boys. I love it. As for me, I got the epic Raven Boys tattoo. Wow. That’s sweet. I also got the #8 piercing! Snazzylicsious!

Inky@ Book Haven Extraordinaire
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Krista 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #16, which reminds me of Lucas in Easy for obvious reasons. :)

I got piercing #8 which reminds me of Rule from the book Rule

Awesome giveaway, ladies!

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I received tattoo #16 and piercing # 5.

The tattoo reminds me of Jesse from the Rocker that Holds Me. The piercing is a tough one, I’d say it reminds me of Cole from Everneath, maybe.
Tiffany @ A Nanny’s Literary Musings recently posted..Stacking the Shelves + Week in ReviewMy Profile

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erinf1 5/6/2013

I had tattoo 13 and piercing 1…. ouch, ouch, ouch! While I love both on *other* people, I’m gonna have to weeny out… sorry gals! Thanks for the fun event!

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Chanpreet 5/6/2013

I got tattoo #20, which is really pretty and piercing #9. Honestly I can’t think of any male in any book who has the same tattoo or piercing I got. They seem to be of a more feminine nature. I did double check to see if any of the more graphic piercings were up. To be honest, those are the piercings I remember a bad boy having! :p

I wanted a #4 piercing when I was a teenager but the parental unit said no and I was too much of a good girl to go against their wishes.

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Bethie 5/6/2013

Tatoo #11 – Walking Disaster
Piercing #5 – arrow through the ear

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

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Kat C 5/6/2013

My piercing was a tongue piercing (ouch !) and my tattoo is number 16, the sleeve.

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Jessica Noreault 5/6/2013

I was given tattoo number 2 – Mischief Managed.
WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY FROM HARRY POTTER, and actually my favorite part of the series, so I love it!
Piercing wise I got number 7. I immediately thought of Ash from the iron fey series. Not sure if he would be considered a hard core badboy, but in terms of piercings, it seems whimsical and even has a naturesque feel to it, so I feel like it would suit him as he is an elf.


That was fun!
-Shinyxoxmuffins at yahoo dot com
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Kai W. 5/6/2013

I was given the tattoo #2 and piercing #7. The tattoo and piercing made me think of the Geisha Story and any books that have a Japanese story themes. OK, first thought is Wolverine. I can’t help myself.

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Lizzy 5/6/2013

Tattoo 2 – Mischief Managed (I actually would potentially get this one, I love Harry Potter, just in a different location).

Piercing 1 – I’m not really sure what boy/book this reminds me of, because I haven’t seen much of it!
Lizzy recently posted..Book Review: The Office of Mercy by Ariel DjanikianMy Profile

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bn100 5/6/2013

tattoo: 20; cherry blossom tattoo; thought of Stormdancer
piercing: 10; lip tattoo; thought of Breathe Into Me

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SarahS 5/6/2013

I got tattoo number 7 which reminds me of Fallen and piercing number seven as well which is very cute, I love that one!
That was very fun! (=

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Lacey T 5/7/2013

I got tattoo #18, which reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, and I got piercing #10, a lip piercing, which reminds me of Lucas from Easy!
Lacey T recently posted..Author Appreciation: Colleen HooverMy Profile

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Angie 5/7/2013

I got #12 for tattoo and #3 for piercing. #12 tattoo makes me think of the Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland. And the piercing was hard for me… #3… so humm… It makes me think of the Sookie Stackhouse books… because that show keeps getting crazy and eventually Sookie is going to have a eyebrow piercing!

Angie recently posted..Eleanor and Park by Rainbow RowellMy Profile

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I love this , very creative!

I got 19 for the tattoo and 8 for the piercing. Oddly enough they both work for the same book. Morpheous from Splintered is a bad boy and he has a friendship with Cheshire. 8 is a lip ring and it reminds me of Jeb from Splintered as well…I think he had a lip ring. I should probably check, lol.
Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted..Tomorrow Land by Mari MancusiMy Profile

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TayteH 5/7/2013

The tattoo I got was #6, and I immediately thought of the book, Beautiful Disaster. But I also thought of Katie McGarry books too.

The piercing I got was #9, and I thought of Patch from the Hush Hush series. I can see him having that piercing.

Thank you!

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Marissa 5/7/2013

My tattoo was number 19 and of course reminds me if the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. It also reminds me of Grimalkin from The Iron Fey series. I got piercing number 1 and it kinda creeps me out and doesn’t remind me of any book. This is such an awesome way of entering! Thanks, girls!!
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sel b. 5/7/2013

I got tattoo 17 and it reminds me of the red hood! Well my piercing was number 6 but it doesnt really remind me of anything.

Reply »

Oooh! This is fun! I got Mischief Managed for my tattoo (Weasley twins, ftw) and a nose ring to match. Aren’t I the little trouble maker? Lol

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Litza 5/7/2013

I got tattoo #4 (Harry Potter!!) and piercing #5 (Hunger Games!!!) and I am so excited! I could definitely see myself getting the piercing, that’s for sure. I’m not much of a tattoo person on my own body (needles… shiver…), but the art can sometimes be amazing! I really like the Raven Boys-ish ones!

Thanks very much for a fun stop!
Litza recently posted..April Blog Wrap-UpMy Profile

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JM 5/7/2013

18 – Cool, reminds me of alice in wonderland
9 – Lip piercing (extra hot alice?)

Im a guy ok :P

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Chantelle I. 5/7/2013

Tattoo number 7 instantly reminded me of Patch from Hush Hush.
Piercing number 8 had Lucas’ name from Easy all over it! I was never a fan before, but now I find them really very attractive!
Thanks for the giveaway, great pinterest boards :)
Chantelle I. recently posted..ARC Review: Twisted by Marjorie BrodyMy Profile

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Livvvy75 5/7/2013

I got tattoo five and piercing nine. Nothing really springs to mind that is bad boy related with the tattoo (somehow I don’t think Where the Wild Things Are counts) but with the piercing I think of Damon from the Vampire Diaries. Not quite sure why, though.

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I got tattoo number 13 which for some reason reminds me of a Sarah Dessen book cover.
For piercing I got number 3.

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Lavinyaa Pash 5/7/2013

Cool!! I got Tattoo #11. It’s a cool butterfly.
I’d love to get a tattoo when I get to be legally adult. But that would be only a star on my leg. Nothing too much.

And Piercing #8, which is a lip piercing.
TBT, I’d never really want a piercing, anything.

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Beth W 5/7/2013

Oh, my! I got tattoo #8 and Piercing #5, how cool! (I would actually get that piercing, if I didn’t know for a fact that my curly hair would eat it).
It makes me think of a dark, mysterious, warrior…but contemporary and dystopian. No known books come to mind, but it’s making me itch to write something. Perhaps set in a futuristic, tribal Seattle…hrmmm…..
Beth W recently posted..Tale of Mally Biddle Book Blast + GiveawayMy Profile

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Bea Tejano 5/7/2013

I got number 7 for the tattoo and 6 for the piercing. Tattoo #7 is gorgeous! and I suppose piercing #6 is okay haha

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Amanda D 5/7/2013

I got number 17 for the tattoo and number 2 for the piercing. I guess I don’t read enough books about bad boys because they don’t remind me of anyone. When I think of tattoos, I think of Travis from Beautiful Disaster.

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Becky Paulk 5/7/2013

I got #10 for the tattoo and #6 for the piercing. My tattoo reminds me of The Collector by Victoria Scott. Such a bad boy tattoo lol. If I won I would definitely pick Perfect Chemistry. I heard its a great book.

Thanks for the giveaway and great carnival game =D
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Rin 5/7/2013

I had tattoo number 7 and piercing number 10.

The tattoo reminded me of Hush, Hush, as I noticed other people say.

Great idea for a booth!

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Nicole L 5/7/2013

I got tattoo #5 (Where the Wild Things Are!) and piercing #6 (nose ring)… well these definitely don’t remind me of a bad boy, maybe a bad girl librarian or hipster chick?! Absolutely no book comes to mind though!

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I got tattoo # 7, which is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE IT! It reminds me of Patch from Hush, Hush. Love that boy to oogles!!! :D lol ;p And as for the piercing, I got # 5, which reminds me of the Hunger Games. Pretty obvious with the whole arrow. :) I love both my tatt and piercing. They’re hot and funky…something I myself would get. *snicker*

Thanks for the awesomesauce giveaway! :D

~ Maida <3
Maida @ Literary Love Affair recently posted..One Year Blogoversary CelebrationMy Profile

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Tara Augustyn 5/7/2013

I got 8 for the tatoo, but it wouldn’t let me link up and see it and i got 4 the tounge piercing! make me think punk

Reply »

Danielle B 5/7/2013

I got tattoo 18 and piercing 8. I don’t think I would of picked those out for me, but they are still cute and fun.

Reply »

I got tattoo #16, which is definitely a guy tattoo, but kind of hot. Hello Easy cover! Piercing was #1, not a fan of, looks painful. I love #5, that arrow is amazing! Great carnival booth!

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Ashfa Anwer 5/8/2013

I got tattoo no 4: which says Tales of Beadle the Bard and it definitely looks that! Love it! Tattoo no 17 looks great too- very red riding hood-ish.
And I got Piercing no 5 and it reminds me of Katniss and the Hunger Games Love no 7. Looks cute.

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Annie 5/8/2013


Reply »

Annie 5/8/2013

I got number 19 for the tattoo and that sure looks like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!
I got 5 for the piercing and the second I saw it, it reminded me of The Hunger Games. I love that series!

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Evie 5/8/2013

I got Tattoo #9 and it reminds me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I don’t know why though. I think it’s because that tattoo is really dark.
And I got Piercing #5 and it reminds me of The Hunger Games because of the arrow.
Thanks for the giveaway!

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Teresa 5/8/2013

I got tatt #6 and piercing #3. The tattoo itself reminded me instantly of Beautiful Disaster, which I haven’t read though!

Reply »

Amy Acosta 5/8/2013

I got tattoo #4 which was either a skull with roses or the hallows tattoo from HP (there are two fours..) and piercing #8 which was the lip piercing.
When I think of tattoos and piercings I always think of Pushing the Limits.

Reply »

Jamie .M 5/8/2013

I got piercing number 3# and Tattoo number 5#
I’m thinking maybe book Alice In Zombie land only because the tattoo is something that you would find in a non-Realty type place.

Reply »

Brenna Wildung 5/8/2013

I got tattoo number 1 ( may the odds ever be in MY favor) piercing number 10 ( a hot lip piercing)
Brenna Wildung recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday # 4 : Through the Zombie Glass by Gena ShowalterMy Profile

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Holly U 5/8/2013

I got tattoo #12 and piercing #3. Sadly, it doesn’t really remind me of any boy in particular, or any book. The piercing, though, reminds me of Ty in Tasting Never. I’m pretty sure he had an eyebrow one. :)
Holly U recently posted..Cover Reveal: Courage to ForgiveMy Profile

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Julia Rain 5/8/2013

I got #4 for a tattoo, which is AWESOME because I;m actually going to get a Deathly Hallows tattoo one day – I have an ugly scar on my stomach that’s going to be the wand, and I’ll build the rest of the tattoo around it. Reminds me of Harry Potter, naturally. :)

I got #5 for the piercing and it reminds me of The Hunger Games. I’d sport that, it’s pretty cool.

Reply »

Aly P 5/8/2013

Tattoo 4 and piercing 10 :D The tattoo reminds me of Harry Potter. The piercing I don’t know… Thank you and I love this!

Reply »

I got #2, the Mischief Managed tat[I actually have the Deathly Hallows as an “a” in “Always”]. And I have piercing #8, the side of the lips, which reminds me of Lucas from Easy.
Kait @ The Reading Vixens recently posted..Review: Requiem by Lauren OliverMy Profile

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Jacklin Updegraft 5/9/2013

I got #4 for piercing which was the tounge and it reminds me of Never Too Far (Rush has his tounge pierced!) and #7 for tattoo which reminds me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

Reply »

Gabriella Majer 5/9/2013

I got tatto #6 wich remind me to Travis:D
My piercing is #5. It’s hunger games style.
Gabriella Majer recently posted..Addicted to You (Addicted, #1)My Profile

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Camille 5/9/2013

#13 “Follow Your Heart” which reminds me of Adrian, especially in TIS.
#10, which reminds me of Adam in the Shatter Me series. :)

Reply »

#19- Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland because of the cat
#6- Reminded me of The Secret of Ella and Micha

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Tiffany Drew 5/9/2013

I got tattoo #8 for The Raven Boys, which I LOVED.
I got piercing #5 which was an arrow through the top of the ear and all I could thing of was “yea, my hair would get caught in that and pull it right out” lol.

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Sunny 5/9/2013

I got the #10 piercing (the lip) and #8 tattoo (raven boys) :)
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Artemis 5/9/2013

I got number 2 piercing and number 10 tattoo. The tattoo reminds me of Travis from Beautiful Disaster and the piercing Lucas from Easy.

Thank you for the giveaway!

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Joana V. 5/9/2013

I got tattoo #19, which obviously reminded me of “Alice in Wonderland”! I love it so much! And I got piercing #7, which reminds me of the movie version of Kyle from Beastly (I know it was supposed to be from a book, but the movie is somewhat based on the book, right? :3)

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Ashley Morrow 5/9/2013

I got tattoo 9 and piercing number 6. The tattoo reminds me of one of the chimeras described in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

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Lisa 5/9/2013

Tattoo number 3: Lord of the Rings all the way!
Piercing number 8: Sort of blanking on this one. It kind of reminds me of something a Dauntless would have, but there’s always the fear of it getting ripped out. But who cares? They’re Dauntless. (:
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Sarah Kalaitzidis 5/10/2013

For the tattoo my number was 20 and the tattoo is of a chinese flower with writing. It reminds me of the book called “Ink” by Amanda Sun!

My peircing number is 5 and it’s a arrow threw the ear. The book it reminds me of…well idk what it reminds me of…
Thanks for the great giveaway! <3
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Stormy 5/10/2013

I got tattoo 18. It just reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I haven’t read any Alice inspired books so, I know of no bad boy whom it would remind me of. Piercing 5, an arrow through the ear, reminds me of Tristan Archer from Avow, the Archers of Avalon series by Chelsea Fine. Because he was hot and very good at archery. :)

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I was number 8 for both the tattoo and the piercing So I have a raven (huge raven) tattoo and a lip piercing. I will forever remember Seth and his lip ring from Wicked Lovely, but the Raven tattoo doesn’t fit him. I don’t think he’s up there, but I’m going to go with Morpheus from Splintered by A.G. Howard. He’d definitely have tattoos and a raven definitely suits him. And piercings is a given for him.

What a great idea!!

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What a cool idea!

I got tattoo #18 and piercing #9. Neither are ones I’d pick in real life, but that’s wht this is just for fun, eh? :)
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Amber Hsu 5/11/2013

I got tattoo 17 and piercing 8~
I don’t think that i’ll ever get a tattoo or any piercings other than ear piercings… but I really liked the red riding hood tattoo~

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Bridget Howard 5/11/2013

For the tattoo I got #19 and it totally reminds me of the Iron Fey series by Julia Kagawa.
For the piercing I got #2 and it reminded me of Splintered by AG Howard, even though I don’t think ALyssa had a piercing but thats the kind of make up I imagine her wearing!

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Tiffany Horton 5/11/2013

I got #8 tatoo and since I haven’t read The Raven Boys yet it reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe. If only I had the guts to actually get it! It’s pretty awesome! I got #5 for the piercing, which would hurt soooo bad but totally reminds me of the Hunger Games!
This was awesome!

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Kristina 5/11/2013

Tattoo nr 19 and piercing nr 4.
It’s hard to say what they remind me, though. There are still so many books I haven’t gotten to, and the ones on my shelves don’t have many pierced/tattooed boys :/

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Shamara Catama 5/11/2013

I got tattoo 20 which reminded me of Memoirs of a Geisha even though it’s not said in the book that the main character had a tatto and piercing no. 5 which reminded me of Katniss from Hunger Games

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Anubha 5/11/2013

Tattoo no. 19 and piercing no. 3.
Piercing does not remind of anyone or anything but that tattoo remind me of evil cat in alice in wonderland :)

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krsz 5/11/2013

I’ve got the pierce from nr 4 and the tattoo 18, which is really cool and reminds me of Ruby Red

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I got Tattoo #19 and Piercing #5. The tattoo reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, no bad boys :( The piercing reminds me of Katniss from The Hunger Games(DEFINITELY not a bad boy, lol) because of the arrow!!
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BookLady 5/11/2013

Tattoo #6 and Piercing #5
The tattoo reminds me of Beautiful Disaster and the piercing reminds me of Katniss in The Hunger Games.

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Jenni 5/11/2013

I got tattoo 16 and piercing 4. I wouldn’t want the tattoo but I’d want it on a boy ;) I’d want number 13 and piercing number 5. I wouldn’t want a tongue piercing. BUT for the sake of this I’d go through with it. ahh.

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A Canadian Girl 5/12/2013

I got tattoo 19 which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland since it’s a tattoo of the cheshire cat. I got piercing 5 which I actually wouldn’t mind getting.

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Jaime Lester 5/12/2013

I got Tat Number 7, and I think I can imagine Ellie from the Angelfire series with it. It is almost perfect for her, actually! I can’t see it being a tat for a boy, honestly. A wee bit girly…
I got Piercing Number 8, and all I can say for that is OUCH. Not good with needles in general, but definitely not around my mouth. I can see Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer having one though. He, yeah, I could see it!

LOVED this so much! My favorite Carnival Event for 2013. Thanks much!

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Giaochau Nguyen 5/12/2013

I got Tat Number 10 and Piercing Number 3. The tattoo reminds me of Beautiful Disaster and the piercing doesn’t remind me of anyone. I didn’t even know you can have eyebrow piercings. I guess I wouldn’t mind the tattoo but I have a very small arm so it wouldn’t look as nice as the guys.

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Erika 5/12/2013

I got 18 for tattoo which reminded me of Alice in wonderland with the rabbit with the clock. I got 9 for the piercing and the piercing on the mouth reminded me of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Thanks!

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Kayla Prada 5/12/2013

I got 20 for the tattoo and 8 for the piercing! I absolutely love the tattoo! It’s so beautiful! And that piercing is cute, I actually used to wear a fake one like that in middle school lol! Honestly neither the tattoo or the piercing remind me of any book I’ve read. Thank you for the giveaway!

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Lynn K. 5/12/2013

I got tattoo #11 and piercing #8.
Even though #11 is clearly the butterfly on Walking Disaster, my first thought was Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely.

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Amber Terry 5/12/2013

I got #8 on tattoos (“Raven Boys”) which definitely brought to mind Maggie Stiefvater. My piercing was #1 and I really don’t have any ideas on that one. I really loved the raven, though!!

Thanks for the chance to win :)

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Rabiah 5/12/2013

I got tattoo No. 11 (Walking Disaster) and piercing No. 4 :D Both absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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Bookish in a Box 5/12/2013

I got #16 for the tattoo (the sleeve) and #6 for the piercing (nose ring). I’m not sure anyone in the book even had tattoos, but the two together reminded me of Fallen by Lauren Kate.
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Kristin 5/13/2013

I got tattoo #10, no idea who this might remind me of, not a fan of tattoos like this so it’d have to be someone douchey. For the piercing I got #4, totally reminds me of Rule from the book of the same name.

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Melissa B in IL 5/19/2013

Tattoo #17 Little red riding hood…pretty cool! Which made me think of many different weres who’d think it funny to be the big bad wolf… but couldn’t pick my fav. Piercing I got #2….not a fan of those so no idea.

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