Discussed! Why do we seek ARC’s ?

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Saturday means Discussion time here at the Bookworms. And since we are right now running our PubLove Feature I thought it would be great to talk about why we want to seek ARC’s in the first place!


I don’t want to discuss this topics only with Book Bloggers, but also with readers, so awesome readers who are not Book Bloggers, please stay and add your thoughts at the end in the comments!

ARC’s are free!

I guess the most commonly used phrase is that Book Blogger seek ARC’s because the are free!

Agreed! And … Disagreed! I agree, because yes in the first place we do not pay money for the ARC we get we do not need to buy this book. But on the other side, it is definitely not free. By getting or requesting an ARC we somehow agree to read and review this book. I cannot just read this ARC, enjoy it and put it aside. No. I have to sit down and put together a review about this book. This does not just means I have to write the review but also gathering links, formatting the post etectc. This takes time! And when you then go and put your review also on other outlets like amazon, goodreads and wherever else it takes even more time. Of course you also send an email to the publisher telling them your review is up. Reading an ARC is not simply reading. It entails a lot more coming after we’ve read the book!

So no! I do not seek ARC’s just because they are free!

…Because we get them early!

IMMphotoActually, yes! This is one of the main reasons why I personally love getting an ARC. It means that I get the privilege to read an anxiously awaited book before it is officially released. This most definitely holds a certain allure I wouldn’t dismiss! but, I also get why ARC’s are sent out early because like this the publishers can ensure that promotion about this book starts early and every publisher LOVED their pre-release sales! So they want to start the buzz about a book early which is why they send us ARCS in the first place ! Also, I wouldn’t be able to post my review around the release date if I would just read them after they came out. By sending us ARC’s early publishers ensure a certain time frame when the buzz starts!

So YES! I do seek ARCs because I can get them early.

Because this other bloggers has it…

Well, … and then there is this bog point of cross blogger jealousy. And I do not want to make a big buzz around this topic, but sometimes we see that another blogger got an ARC we desperately wanted to get, but just didn’t get it. Why this blog and not me? I’m being honest here. As mature as I mostly am about this whole subject sometimes I cannot hide my disappointment when I see how many blogs got  this book while I’m sitting here making big pubby eyes. I mean, I’ve been blogging for 3 and a half years by now but still there are some books I would desperately love to read early but do not get them. At the same time, there are also some publishers that keep ignoring me and it hurts. Well, sometimes 🙂 (Like Penguin *sniffles*)

Most of the times I am a big girl about this and I do understand that not everyone can get the same books. Still, I wouldn’t be completely honest with you if I wouldn’t admit feeling a little jealous every once in a while!


To sum this all up, I fell incredible lucky and honored to get all the ARC’s I get and it’s simply amazing how many wonderful publishers are sending me books to review them. When I started the blog I had no freaking clue how big this all is and that publishers even want to work with us and help us promote their books. I am honored, lucky and so so grateful!

So, now I want to hear it from you guys! Why do you seek ARC’s?!!? Is it because they are free, is it because they come in early? And… do you also feel the ARC Jealousy sometimes? 

Readers, how do you feel about this whole ARC thingy. I mean you guys read all our posts (and thank goodness for you people, I <3 you so freaking much) but, do you even care about this?


Much Love and … let’s discuss!!

danny Siggy

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45 Responses to “Discussed! Why do we seek ARC’s ?”

  1. My main reason for seeking ARCs is that they are softcover. I do not like reading hardcovers (they’re too heavy and bulky), and only do so if I’m dying to read the book and cannot wait the year for it to eventually release in softcover. This is why, even after the book releases, I will still try and obtain the ARC. I do really enjoy getting them early though, not only for the thrill of reading something that isn’t out yet, but also because if I really love it, I want to get others excited about its release as well! And maybe help get the amazing book that much closer to the NYT Bestseller’s List where it belongs. 🙂

    And of course you’re not alone – I definitely get blogger jealousy, especially as a small-time book blogger who gets very few ARCs outside of giveaways and trades. Especially when everyone seems to have a copy (or two!) of a book I simply cannot wait to read, and they don’t even seem excited about it. But I know we all have those moments here and there, and after burying myself in one the few ARCs I DO have, I usually feel better. 😉
    Skye recently posted..How & Why I ReviewMy Profile

    • Ah Skye! I never considered this to be a reason! Mainly because I nearly exclusively read eARC’s. I do get softcover ARCS but if I have a choice I always like to read on my Kindle or iPad. But, I see your point! Softcovers are great and I also not particularly like a Hardcover unless it’s sitting (and being pretty) on my shelf.

      I truly believe that everyone of us feels a tiny little jaelous every once in a while even though we are all big girls. Still, sometimes I can’t help how I feel!

      But, most of the times I am all good and happy where I am !!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! Why do we seek ARC’s ?My Profile

  2. Great post, totally agree arc’s are not really free. A huge amount of work goes on after I read them like you pointed out. Yes, I love it but if I compared the time on the not-reading stuff versus the book price, it would be very uneven. But I adore ARC’s, I love being privileged to read before publication date. And I love being involved in spreading the love for a great one, makes me feel part of this great book community where I feel so at home.
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  3. I love getting ARCs for the same reason you mentioned-getting people excited about a book. I think that’s best accomplished if we get to read the ARC early and post the review on/shortly after release day.

    I’ve been on the jealous side (Shades of Earth ARCs. Razorbill. Sniff. That was the ONE ARC I’ve been dying to get in almost four years of blogging.)

    But to be honest, I’m glad I’m not receiving more ARCs. As cool as the piles look, someone’s got to read them, review them, promote them. And many times I’ve been pining for an ARC only to be disappointed when I eventually read the book. So if someone thinks bloggers are doing this for the free books, they have no idea what they’re talking about.
    Ivana recently posted..YA Review: Mila 2.0 by Debra DrizaMy Profile

  4. This is a great post Danny! I guess I like ARCs for a couple reasons:

    * Getting books early is certainly nice, especially if it’s one I’m REALLY looking forward to. Not having to wait as long to read it is awesome!

    * I love being able to help spread the word about books and “market” them (since that’s basically what ARCs are). If I read an amazing ARC I do everything I can to gush and gush about it.

    * Honestly…. it kind of makes me feel good. There’s something amazing about getting ARCs because it makes me feel like, “OMG this publisher cares what I think! They value my input! They think I’m worth investing in!” It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling.. I hope it doesn’t make me sound like a brat or anything, but it’s just amazing to know that big publishers actually notice you and care enough about you and your blog to spend money on you.

    Sometimes I do get jealous when people get every ARC under the sun. But mostly I try to ignore those feelings because I already feel SO privileged to get the ARCs that I do get!
    Ashley recently posted..Blogoversary Day 3: Win a Box of ARCs!My Profile

  5. Penny Yoke

    Hi Im just a reader 🙂 I think it’s really cool to get free books and read it before it is even published! But like you said, writing a review and all that stuff is hard work, and requires a lot of commitment which I honestly don’t have. That is why I mostly depend on my most amazing community library for books! Though I have to wait for more than one month after a particular book is published to get it from the library…

    • Hi Penny, thank you so much for joining this discussion!! Yes, blogging and reviewing definitely is a commitment and I admit sometimes just reading for pleasure is awesome. This is why I do not review the books I buy myself – at least nor every book, sometimes just putting a book down without thinking about what to write in a review is a blessing!

      And I think it’s awesome you all US girls have such amazing libraries!! Woot:)
      Danny recently posted..Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols – A New Adult Monday ReviewMy Profile

  6. Great post! I like getting ARCs for a couple of reasons:

    1. I love getting to read a book before it comes out. Especially if it’s one I’m really looking forward to! Basically, the sooner the better.

    2. Um, it’s free. Which means I can read a lot more books that I wouldn’t normally get to read, because my book budget is pretty limited.

    3. I like being able to review a book and spread the word about it before release. And if it’s one I really enjoy, then I like to get other people excited about it too! 😀

  7. ARCs. They are wonderful. 🙂 For me, it ‘s getting a book early,being able to read it early and to talk it up and share the love; that’s the beauty of an ARC for me. I agree with you that they are not free. WE may not have paid for them but like you I feel an obligation to read and review them and then there’s the time and effort I put into the post and putting the review on other sites.

    As for blogger jealousy, it’s a fact of life. People get jealous, it happens. What matters is how we handle it. While I do love getting ARCs. most of the time, if I don’t get an ARC, I don’t care. There’s only been a few, maybe a half dozen in almost 3 years of blogging, that I didn’t get but other bloggers did and i was disappointed. It happens. I try to be polite, to be excited for them, and at most I’ll say that I was disappointed not to be one of the lucky ones. Have I gotten ARCs that others didn’t? Probably, so it goes both ways. We just have to be mature and deal. It shouldn’t be a competition.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted..Spotlight & GC Giveaway: Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out by Pandora PoiklosMy Profile

    • ARC’s are a product of wonderment. and I still cherish each and every ARC I get! Sometimes I admit, when I have too many ARCS waiting to be read I feel overwhelmed. But .. then everything cools down again. Still, I never los the amazement!

      You made a great point!! YES I think everyone got an ARC at some point that someone else also wanted to have. As long as the jaelousy is not taking over, I think it’s all pretty normal.
      Oh and I still be happy for others when they get a precious ARC:)
      Danny recently posted..Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols – A New Adult Monday ReviewMy Profile

  8. I still get excited about ARCs. It’s cool that a publisher or even an author sees my blog and contacts me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a certain book. That is always fun. Plus I like to see how certain things like cover art or the binding or formatting might change in the published editions due to feed back from those who receive the ARCs.
    nrlymrtl recently posted..Giveaway & Guest Post: Mythical CreaturesMy Profile

  9. Great post!! I’ve never really thought about why I seek ARCS, but this post definitely makes sense.

    1. I love being able to gush and fangirl over a book before it’s been released and hopefully get others excited for it.

    2. BUT. I don’t get ARCs too often, but I like not getting them. Whenever I have an ARC I get really stressed and it becomes almost like a burden to post a well written review, so I’d rather just wait for the release. (does that make sense?)

    3,. Although, I do get jealous at times over some titles other bloggers are getting and I’m not – but it’s not too big of a deal. Honestly… I usually forget that someone has that book before me within the hour I see it. PLUS. People are usually willing to let you borrow an ARC – so it’s a pretty good deal.

    LOVE this post. (:
    Tabitha @ Tabitha’s Book Blog recently posted..Review: Flat-Out Matt by Jessica ParkMy Profile

    • Tabitha! so happy you liked the post!!

      And . OMG I can be such a crazy fangirl over some books and sometimes my love takes over and I do all I can to help spread the word!

      I totally get the stress factor. Sometimes when my ARC pile is so super high I also get stressed a!!

      I think as long as the jealously is not bad and destructive all is good. I think everyone might feel this once in a while, but as long as we do not make a big deal all is good 🙂
      Danny recently posted..Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols – A New Adult Monday ReviewMy Profile

  10. Since I’m a new/small blogger, all the ARCs I get from publishers are e-arcs, even though I have traded for a few/one a few physical arcs. I think you have some really good reasons as to why we like ARCs. Two of the ARCs I’ve traded for have already been released, but I won two that have not yet been released, and it’s so fun to be able to generate buzz, even if it’s just a little bit, if you really like the book. And getting to read books early is just awesome, especially if it’s a book I’ve been looking forward to.

    This is a really small thing, but I also REALLY love seeing publicity plans on the back of ARCs. I know it’s a small thing I could probably look up and find out later, but as someone who is interested in publishing as an industry it’s just really cool to see how publishers get the word out.
    Stormy recently posted..Giveaway: Beautiful Creatures series!My Profile

  11. I do feel honored to get an ARC, but the main reasons is one you pointed out: I get them early! If it’s a book I’m super excited about, I’ll seek out the ARC so I don’t have to wait. I’m generally a very patient person, but when it comes to books, well, why wait? But I generally don’t seek out that many ARCs. If I’m not super excited about it or sure it’s my type of story, then I’ll wait to see what others have to say about it. If there are good reviews, I like to buy the book. Buying books is important to keep the publishing world alive after all 🙂

    Great discussion!
    Kim @ YA Asylum recently posted..Write Wednesday: RT Convention — Will You Be There?My Profile

  12. Oh goodness, ARCs are never really free. The amount of of a paperback or even finished hardcover couldn’t possibly cover all the the time it takes to read and review a book, not to mention formatting it, promoting it, maybe participating in blog tours/interviews, and sometimes hosting and paying for postage for a giveaway. It really annoys me when bloggers are accused of being in it for free books–we would all be a lot better off just buying them, frankly.

    So for me–I love ARCs because I love books, and I love that I get to read them as soon as humanly possible! And I like that I’m in a position to be able to share that love with my fellow readers, both by helping with pre-buzz, with posting reviews and features, and often by physically passing on the book as well. That’s it, plain and simple. Like most bloggers I know, I also spend a TON of money on buying books, both for my myself, and for my blog and my friends and family.

    As for the jealousy thing…I rarely begrudge any blogger the joy of receiving a coveted ARC, though we’ve all experienced the “why not meeeeee too” internal wail, hah. Great discussion post, as always!
    Wendy Darling recently posted..Golden: reviewMy Profile

    • Yes Wendy, you are so perfectly right but I think not many people see this. Not the bloggers that start just to get ARC’s and also not so many readers. It’s easy to label us in a certain way and put all bloggers in one pot.
      Oh and don#t get me started on how much money I put in the blog!!! All the giveaways and hosting… definitely I pay more than all the books I get!

      It all comes down to the love of reading right? We all LOVE books which is why we spend so many freaking time to read, review and promote!!
      Danny recently posted..Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols – A New Adult Monday ReviewMy Profile

  13. I’m always jealous when some people get ARCs and I have to wait until B&N says “Your order have been shipped” There are sometimes where I wish I could get ARCs because I can finally say I’ve read it and I can keep a secret until the public finally reads the book and learn everything that the Authors are gushing about.
    I’ve been blogging for maybe a year and a half? but I’ve made the jump to blogger and made that all about books and authors. I still getting into the groove of getting blogger branded, hey I’m no computer geek but I can muddle through some computer geeky stuff.
    So ARCs would be nice to have, I’ve already get some approved books from Netgalley thus learning to use my Ipad as my kindle reader. But I like hardcopies 🙂 rather than ebooks IMO.
    SassyCat’s Books Review @KatN21 recently posted..Cover Reveal: Werewolves Be Damned by Stacey KennedyMy Profile

  14. I agree, ARCs aren’t really free! Sure, we may not pay money for them, but there is a lot of pressure to get the book read and review done in a timely manner. I’m SO swamped with review copies right now that it’s almost a chore. So no, ARCs are NOT free because they cost us precious time!
    But it definitely is exciting to get the book early, before anyone else! I think that’s the best part. And on the two occasions I’ve gotten ARC packages, I’ve felt SO incredibly honored that I was the one receiving them.
    And yes, I’ll admit I get jealous. Sometimes really jealous. I loved Unraveling and was dying for Unbreakable. I requested it but never got it, yet I see all these pictures of the ARCs in other people’s mailbox posts. It makes me a bit green…(And Penguin doesn’t like me either, not even on Edelweiss!)
    But I try to be mature about it, because I’m still fairly new (a year and a half of blogging) and I’m not a ‘big’ blog. But it still sucks!
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads recently posted..Undersea Spoils (26) + YA2U Author Event!My Profile

  15. Years and years ago, I worked as a bookseller and later a manager for a large book chain, now defunct. (No, it wasn’t Borders. It was Waldenbooks, which Borders bought, then absorbed, closing or converting all the Waldenbooks stores. Nothing lasts forever.) One of my favorite perks, besides the employee discount, was getting the occasional ARC from the publisher. I loved the idea of getting to read something before it was even published!

    Later I became a freelance indexer, which means that my job is to read soon-to-be-published books and create indexes for them. Fun, but of course these are nonfiction books. (I don’t mix indexing and blogging, BTW; to avoid conflict of interest, I don’t review books I’ve indexed.)

    I didn’t start blogging to get ARCs; in fact, for the first year or two, I reviewed only books from the library or from my own collection. Now I do request ARCs, and I love reading them. I try not to request too many at a time, and only books that really interest me. It’s easy to get swept up in the “but everyone else is reviewing this” thing, or be disappointed because I got turned down for something I really wanted to read, but I’m trying to avoid the former and be mature about the latter.

    So no, it’s not so much about the free for me (although that doesn’t hurt, since I can’t possibly buy all the books I read in a year.) It’s much more about the early access, and the chance to share my opinion of a book with other readers.
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted..Sunday Post — 4/14/13My Profile

    • You know, I wish I could sell books for a living… But, with a PhD in Biology this seems like a big jump!

      Thank you so much for sharing your porfession!! I didn’t even know that you could work as an Indexer!

      and it makes sense not to mix proffession with blogging. I do have a similar problem when doing Blog Tours with an Publisher and an Author. They pay me so I feel rather conflicted reviewing them here.
      Danny recently posted..Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols – A New Adult Monday ReviewMy Profile

  16. KM

    I’ve been ignored by Penguin since I started blogging too, so I totally feel you. lol I usually just took comfort in my Harper Collins, Little Brown (before they stopped giving ARCs to bloggers), and Strange Chemistry ARCs. 😉

    I think the main reason I like getting ARCs is getting them early, especially if it’s the next book in a series I’m desperate for. I want to know what happens NOW, not on release day.

    And in terms of the free thing, that’s nice, though I agree it’s not really “free,” since you’re paying for them in services. But I always liked getting an ARC of a book I was a little iffy on, that way I didn’t have to spend money on it, just a lot of time 🙂
    KM recently posted..The Best of the Best High Fantasy YA CoversMy Profile

  17. Hi,

    I’m not a book blogger (although, I’m contemplating it…), but I rather like reading things that other people aren’t reading in the hope that I’ll be the person who can say “Look at this gem I found!”… I’m the same with music, always looking out for the next big thing.
    Yeah… that’s would be my main driving force. I love being able to sing something’s praises. If everyone knows about it already, then why bother?
    Deb E recently posted..Book Review: “Siren Snow” by Victoria BarrowMy Profile

  18. I just saw this linked on twitter and I have to say, my impatience is really a driving factor. When I see a book that I know I’m going to love it’s painful to wait months for it (I think this also says a lot about my life and the immediacy that my generation expects). I do really appreciate when publishers/authors/publicists think that my blog is good enough to review a book early. It’s like Christmas and a gold star all in one.

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