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Hi Guys! Since Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US ( while I was working here in Germany…) I thought it would be nice to go on with a “thankful” theme today.

I got inspired for today’s post by yesterday’s Follow Friday from Alison Can Read and Parajunee. They featured their favorte Blogs yesterday and … Alison picked us! OMG, I couldn’t believe it and it warmed my heart in too a mushy something! I was touched and thrilled!

It also got me thinking.

What would Blogging be if not for the Community? 

Of course, we all started for our very own reasons, but we all grew together as a community of mind-like people who all share the same love for books and blogging.

Honestly, reading is one thing, but having so many great people around me that share my love makes everything just more – more fun – more exciting – and more rewarding!

A Blog without readers and interaction is nothing.

I am thankful for the Blogger Community!

I am thankful for all the Readers who are not Bloggers but love to share their love for books with me!

Even more exciting is when you have the amazing chance to meet some of the people in your community. I had the chance to meet some Friends in New York during the last 2 years and I can honestly say I truly formed some friendships!

So, now I want to share a few Bloggers I personally meet and I am thankful for!

Jenny from Supernatural Snark

Supernatural Snark

I.Love.Jenny. We just clicked! Before, I just followed Jenny’s Blog but then I meet Jenny 2011 in  New York and it was a love story! She’s truly my Book Soulmate as we always have the same taste in books! (Well, 95%) Also, Jenny is the one who always gets me and let’s me bitch when I need bitching and sends virtual hugs when I need hugging!

Jenny truly became a friend! Did I say already that I love her???

Jenny -Me – Pushy  (looook at Jenny’s smile!!!!)

Alison from Alison Can Read

Alison Can Read

I met Alison this year at BEA and it was a meeting made of perfection! We instantly talked about everything and nothing and it was awesome! We spend an afternoon in NYC and we just talked and talked and talked!

And when Alison and her husband came to visit me and hubs in Munich we spend a weekend together wich was made of awesome! We had fun and we just clicked and worked together :))


Heather, Pushy, Me and Alison

Stacy and Susan

Page Turners (Stacy) and Wastepaper Prose (Susan)

Stacy and Susan are such wonderful girls!! I meet them 2011 at BEA,  but Heather and Pushy actually meet them earlier as they all live in the same era.

(And.. I am totally missing a picture from us girls! Why is that!?)


Erica , Kate and Lindsi

The Book Cellar  Verbvixen and Books, Sweets and other Treats

I LOVE those girls! I just love them! They are cute, fun and it’s just always exciting with them! This year they even took pity with me and took me dancing together with Cara Lynn Shultz! It was an amazing evening! I am definjitely looking forward meeting them again so that I can hug and huddle them!


Pushy, Kate, Lindsi and me (again me being the only blond…)

Oh and maybe I should say we were a little drunk when this picture was taken!!


And lat but not least, I am thankful not to take this journey alone but together with 2 woman who became so much more than just C-Bloggers! We are friends and I love them deeply!

Thanks Pushy and Heather for rocking the Bookworms with me! *hugs*

Pushy – Me – Heather

There are TONS of bloggers I forgot and there are TONS of bloggers I am dying to meet and hopefully will at some point! (but this is a topic for another post)

So, who did YOU meet already and which blogger makes you happy to have in your life? 

Oh and please feel free to add links of your beloved bloggers in the comments, I’d love to meet them to!

Much, much love!


Obsessive Reader by Night – Scientist at Day!
You can also find me on goodreads. I’d love to get to know you so, don’t be shy and say Hello!

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23 Responses to “Discussed! Thankful Saturday – Blogger Love”

  1. What an awesome post! I agree that community is SO much! It was makes blogging do much fun! And I will meet you one of these days! I WILL!
    I live near Vy from Vy’s Blog and have met her many times. Heidi from Rainy Day Ramblings lives in my area and I hope to meet her this week actually. Sara from Novel Novice also lives here and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well and now meet up outside of book events for coffee and stuff. I met Benji from The Non Reluctant Reader when we were both invited to an exclusive event last summer. And there’s a Sara in the Seattle area I have met a few times. I don’t really read her blog fir some reason though…
    There are several authors I know quite well. Kimberly Derting I have met many times. We’re old friends by now. Same with Suzanne Young, Inara Scott, and Lisa Schroeder. They all attend a lot of events. Suzanne moved now though. 🙁 There are lots of other authors I know well too but this is getting long.

    I REALLY want to meet Angela from Reading Angel and Lori from Pure Imagination though. We were actually friends before we started blogging from other book sites and we started our blogs at the same time. Someday….
    Candace recently posted..Saturday Situation: Link Up Your Reviews & Giveaways!My Profile

    • Oooo I met Sarah Last year at BEA!!!! She’s wonderful and I love her hair :))

      And YES I totally want to meet Lori and Angela too, and I know you guys are close so it’s actually a shame it hasn’t happened before:)

      It took Pushy, Heather and me around 2 years to finally meet, but now we MUST meet at least once a year! They are friends now! Just like Jenny and Alison, this goes beyond Book Blogging!
      Danny recently posted..The Crimson Hunt by Victoria H. Smith – Review – New Adult Monday’sMy Profile

  2. “What would Blogging be if not for the Community?

    Of course, we all started for our very own reasons, but we all grew together as a community of mind-like people who all share the same love for books and blogging.

    Honestly, reading is one thing, but having so many great people around me that share my love makes everything just more – more fun – more exciting – and more rewarding!”

    I couldn’t agree more with your paragraph there which is why I quoted you. Reading just brings people together and book blogging does the same with everyone from all over the world. YAYY!

  3. This is such a sweet post!! The community is definitely the best part about blogging. Without it, I might have quit weeks ago. I have tried other kinds of blogs in the past but I always gave them up because the community wasn’t there. I felt like I was keeping a diary all by myself rather than engaging with people.

    The pictures you posted are SO CUTE!! The only blogger I’ve met in person is Jennifer from Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance. She is such a sweetheart and we had such an AMAZING time together!

    I am hoping to attend BEA 2013, so if that goes well then hopefully I’ll met LOADS of other bloggers!!
    Ashley recently posted..Stacking the Shelves (31)My Profile

  4. Joder

    Congrats on being featured this week! I hope your weekend was wonderful and I look forward to more of your posts as I’m a new follower via twitter @jone402 Please feel free to visit me whenever you get a chance….

    The Scarf Princess

  5. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE!!!!! I LOVE YOU! This post has just completely made my day. You know you are one of my favorite people ever and I cannot thank the universe enough for allowing me to find you, or be found by you, however it worked for us. You best be preparing for the epic hug I am going to unleash on you when I see you at BEA this year. I love you to pieces:)

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