Bewitched Kids Corner {2} Poopendous by Artie Bennett

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Happy Friday, and welcome to the second installment of a new monthly feature at Bewitched Bookworms where we review Children’s books.


(Goodreads, Amazon)

by Artie Bennett

(Goodreads, Amazon, Website)

Hardcover, 36 pages–Ages 4 and up

Published by Blue Apple Books, March 2012

Illustrated by Mike Moran (Goodreads, Amazon)

Received a signed copy at BEA (Thanks, Artie, for signing it to my son!)

Rhyming couplets feature Professor Poopdeck and two young friends as he takes them on a type of poop safari.  Words for poop (i.e. guano, number two, ca-ca), its forms and styles (cubes, tubular, wet and dry), and myriad of uses (i.e. souvenirs, a means of tracking and marking, housing insulation, food, fertilizer, fuel) are all conveyed with humor and a certain demand for respect. It’s a book that says: Don’t just flush this stuff away! While it may dismay and stink, there’s more to this stuff than you might think!

My Thoughts:

When I was looking through the list of author signings for BEA 2012, I was definitely on the lookout for books that would not only entertain but also educate my three and a half year old son. When I pulled the books out of my suitcases and we looked through the stack, he picked this one out right away and we haven’t stopped reading it since!

Poopendous promises to give you “The inside scoop on on every type and use of poop!” And this picture book certainly delivers. Following Professor Poopdeck and his two young companions as they learn all about the different names and types of poop, how animals use it to mark their territory, and the many ways humans have used poop for fuel, fertilizer, and fuel are shown in fun, to the point, colorful illustrations.

From the title that is just plain fun to say to the vibrant illustrations to the rhyming prose that flows off the tongue, Poopendous is an entertaining and humorous look at all things poop while being educational. My son and I have a lot of fun reading this book and pointing out all of the little nuances in the illustrations, down to the small details. Five enthusiastic stars from this mom and early reader for this picture book. Now I’m off to order Artie Bennett’s The Butt Book

Also, check out the author’s website, where he has links to articles and interviews for his books. There are also a link to a YouTube video where he’s reading Poopendous. A trip to his website is worth it alone just to peruse his “Claim to Fame” pages. He has a great sense of humor, and it definitely shows in both his books and his writings on his website.



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  1. Hi, Heather! I’m so glad you serendipitously found your way to my BEA signing–and elated to hear that you and your son haven’t stopped reading it since! Thank you so very much for your bottomless support and for helping to share the visionary promise of The Butt Book and Poopendous!

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