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Happy Friday my Friends!!

I’m insanely excited to host our first Blogger for “My Reading Spot” : Jenny from Supernatural Snark. I believe many of you know this awesome chick already. She runs this awesome Book Blog and writes the most amazing, best written and most fantastic reviews ever! I’m not kidding here! Last year, when I was preparing for my first BEA experience I heard that Jenny will be there too. So, I just contacted her and asked her if she wants to meet up. Best.Decision.Ever. It was an instant love affair between us. Yes – true story! Getting to the point now – I’m excited to have Jenny today on the Blog to share her Reading Spot and a few Reading habits with us! *whispers* did I say already that I love that girl?


Jenny from Supernatural Snark:

Hey Everyone!

First of all, I want to thank Danny, Pushy and the other Bookworms for hosting me today and giving me the opportunity to share a few little snippets of my life with you. As you’ll see in the pictures, that life pretty much consists of reading, working, and dogs. Oh, and my husband is mixed in there as well, though sometimes he plays second fiddle to my book boyfriends *dreamy sigh*. That’s okay though, because I play second fiddle to a variety of 12 year-olds. You’ll see what I mean if you keep reading:-)



This is my living room, a space that pretty much belongs to our oldest boxer Gatsby. I often meet with clients in this room since I work from home (I’m a wedding stationer and graphic designer, you can see some of my work on the wall), so in an effort to keep the couch as pristine as possible when the dogs sprawl on it, I have to cover it with easy-to-wash blankets. Not the most attractive look, but necessary. I read in here every so often because this space is at the front of the house and gets tons of light, plus my office is right next to it and I like to take an occasional break from work and snuggle with Gatsby. It bears mentioning however that Gatsby absolutely does not want to be snuggled, and when I sit on the couch with him he often gets up and goes into the family room. It’s starting to give me a complex. Seriously.



Above is my home office which has taken over the dining room. Who needs a dining room really? Not this girl. Some days the creative juices just aren’t flowing, so when this happens I usually grab a book or my Kindle, put my feet up on the desk, and read until a design idea pops into my head. On busier days, usually in the summer months when wedding season is in full swing, only work gets done at this desk (I swear!) but on slower days it’s a fun place to read.



This is my family room, the place where majority of my reading takes place. Our youngest boxer Griffin is currently sitting in my spot like he owns it, but little does he know he’s about to get moved so I can sit there myself. As I mentioned before, I often come second to 12 year-olds when it comes to my husband’s attention. Why 12 year-olds you ask? Well, because my husband is slightly *cough* HUGELY *cough* obsessed with Black Ops on PlayStation. The above pictures pretty much depict how our evenings and weekends are spent: Hubs swears at children when they knife, concuss, or shoot him from a helicopter, and I sit where Griffin is and devour book after book. After book. His obsession with video games rivals my obsession with books, so we’re a match made in obsessive heaven really 🙂


I can’t wait to see where everyone else’s reading and blogging take place, and thanks so much again to the Bookworms for letting me be a part of this feature!


Oh Jenny! Thank you so much for this wonderful insight into your reading live. How cute are your doggies!!? I love your home it looks cozy and wonderful – but of course I’m most amazed by your Office. This big shiny awesome thingy with this apple there is something that directly caught my eye. Oh and we don’t have a dining room ourselves… we moved it upstairs where.. we actually don’t really need it .. But I can imagine it’s sometimes hard to work from home with all those distracting couches so I’m amazed by your discipline! So happy to hear your hubs has his own obsession – avid readers like us needs husbands that are not jealous when Barrons or Ash or Daemon comes along and distracts us..

Happy Friday and much love,



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31 Responses to “My Reading Spot – Featuring Jenny from Supernatural Snark”

  1. Cool places to read Jenny! Can I just admit, I covet your desk and Apple? I really do. My dog that likes the men better than me actually has a look he gives me if I dare sit on the couch he's on. There's plenty of room, but if looks kill, I'm pretty sure I'd never have been alive to start this blog. So, I feel your pain. At least we have one that loves us, right?

    What is the name of the color your kitchen is painted? I love that!
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    • Thanks Heather!!! I quite enjoy my desk, it's a nice height because I often have to stand up when I assemble the invitations with this monstrosity I don't have to bend over when doing so:) And yes, at least Griffin loves me!

      Which paint color are you referring to? The taupe in the family room? It's connected to our kitchen which is the same color…I'll have to look it up. I know the word "taupe" is in the name though:)
      My recent post Review + Giveaway: Demons at Deadnight

      • Your desk would definitely be too high for me, considering my enormous height…lolAnd I love the color taupe although I still think its weird name for a color.Sent from my iPad

  2. DANNY!!!!! I love you! Thank you so much for featuring me on your rockin' blog:) And us getting together at BEA was truly the best decision ever. Can't wait to do it all over again this year! Also, hubs obsession with Black Ops is really my saving grace – he doesn't want me talking to him while he's playing and I don't want him talking to me while I'm reading. Brilliant:)
    My recent post Review + Giveaway: Demons at Deadnight

  3. Hahaha, Jenny! When my little cousins come over for the weekend, the boy, 11, is addicted to playing Black Ops. He often joins online groups to play, and OMG, the cussing. I make him play with the volume off if it gets too bad!

    You have a beautiful house and a lot of cozy areas to read in. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. It made the Jenny fangirl in me smile. That's it, you've convinced me… I'm moving in. Hi Roomie! 🙂

    My recent post Book & Movie Reviews: True Grit

  4. Cathy

    Danny What a fun thing to feature Jenny. I think she is fabulous but I am a little biased. I think it was the best decision for you two to meet up at BEA because that gave me the opportunity to meet all of you. I can't wait to see you all again this year.

    • When I created this feature I knew I had to ask Jenny!! BEA was simply fantastic right?? And besides all those amazing authors and the books it was meeting all the people like you that made this experience so phenomenal!And yes!!! I. Again going this year so are 3 other bookworms and Jenny too!! Hope to see you there! 😉 *kisses*Sent from my iPad

  5. Yay!! More reading spots. *loves* And Jenny! I agree; her blog is truly awesome and that's so cool you got to meet up!!

    Jenny! I'm so, SO jealous of your reading spots. Lol, I really need something better, but it'll probably have to wait until I move. Which I HOPE will be soon! Your home is so gorgeous and looks so cozy! I love it. Your husband reminds me of my boyfriend, lol. He's got his games too (though mostly on the computer) and hockey he spends time on while I blog or read. 😉 Also; your dogs are so cute!
    My recent post Review: Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

  6. Heidi

    That was fun! Loved the dog! I also liked the dislogue on the twelve year old husband..Boys don't get our blogging and book obsessions just like we don't get the whole video game thing! Thanks for sharing ladies!

  7. We have much in common, although my dog WILL snuggle with me, sometimes when I'm reading — but usually in bed. That's where we keep our "easily washable covers" because that's her turf. No fancy quilts for me.

    And, my husband isn't into games, but he spends his evenings (and sometimes wee hours of the morning) watching movies. So we sit next to each other, me reading and him watching movies. And, if I find a book I think he will like, he reads it. And if he finds a movie he things I will like, I watch it. (Although last weekend I was like "What? Why would you think I would like that????" He was a big chagrined…)
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  8. Kristin

    Okay, maybe it's just from living in New York City for so long, but I barely saw anything your wrote because I couldn't stop staring at your house. My apt. could fit on your couch! And is it weird to cuss at 12 year-olds 'cause
    the monsters on the subway make me want to yell at them every day.

    My sister checks out your site often and she always lets me know when you "review" romance covers. Absolutely hilarious!

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