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Welcome to:

My Reading Spot

where we want to feature each week a Reader/Blogger who shares their favorite Reading Spots!

This week, it will be me (Danny) and I’d love to  show you my favorite spots to read and tell you a little about my reading habits.

The most peaceful time for me are Saturday and Sunday mornings. I get up early, make a big cup of hot steaming coffee and crawl back to bed and read for a few hours. Hubs normally sleeps in and I love having him by my side while I spend some time with my favorite books. Truth to be told, I love my bed – it’s cozy its deliciously comfortable. Seriously, for me there is not better time to read.

During the week, I often read in the evening cuddling on my couch, while hubs watches some stuff in TV. Of course, before I’m able to sleep I have to read in bed a few pages – often I do this until my eyes fall shut and then hubs needs to take away my glasses and puts away my iPad/Kindle.

During winter there is another spot where I love to read! I love love love taking a hot bath and read! Either on my Kindle (yeah, I know bad me!) or I listen to an audiobook and just close my eyes to relax. Sometimes I even stay for more than an hour.

In addition to reading on my devices, I also love to listen to a good audiobook. This I mostly do in my car! I love driving and listening to a good book, much better for me than music! I’m honestly a little sad my commune to work isn’t a little longer 🙂

When its warmer and more friendly outside, I love spending some time in the park that is just next to our house. Then, I go and walk a bit with an audiobook in my ear.

So, that’s all to tell about my favorite reading spots and reading habits!

Happy Friday my friends and come back next week to get another glimpse into someone else’s Reading Habits and Favorite Spots to read.

Much Love and Happy Reading!

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17 Responses to “My Reading Spot – Featuring Danny”

  1. I love your reading spots! My favorite places are my bed and my couch. My bed is also almost TOO comfy, it can be hard to get out of. 🙂

    The hot baths sound sound so lovely too. Unfortunately we don't have a working bath tub (only showers) in our house. *sad face* Maybe one day!

    Thanks for sharing Danny, it was cool to see where you like to chill out and read. 🙂

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books
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  2. Your bed looks SO comfy! I like to read in the bath too but I know I won't be brave enough to take my kindle. I just read my regular books in it. Your bath looks awesome though! i have a jetted tub, but I think yours looks nicer 😉
    I do most of my reading sitting at the table. I have two kids that want to eat ALL day! It feels pointless to even try to get comfy! I do read in bed at night for a couple hours though and that's nice.
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  3. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this! So fun to see all the reading places and your house looks SO cozy! I'm jealous, lol. I totally want that cozy bed and couch… And the bath tub? Woosh. Wanttttttttt. Lol:)
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