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“Waiting on” Wednesday is hosted weekly by Jill at Breaking the Spine.
I, cutie, am a HUGE Scott Westerfeld fan.
Okay, that doesn’t aptly express my true emotions.
Let’s try again:
I am obsessed, enthralled, head-over-heels-in-love
with Scott Westerfeld novels.
Hm… still not good enough,
but I think you are getting the gist of my feels
toward this brilliant man and his stories.

This Wednesday I am dying to get my hands on:

Behemoth is the sequel to Leviathan.
What’s that you say?
You’ve not read nor heard of Leviathan!
Welllll then… Here’s Leviathan’s trailer:

What is there not to love?!
1. A kick-arse writer.
2. A twist on history.
3. Cool beasties.
5. And a fantastical story line.
Can y’all say “Epic Win” with me?
Behemoth will be released Oct. 5, 2010.
You can pre-order it here at B&N.
If you haven’t read Leviathan you can find it here at B&N.
Tis what I know and what I’ve got.
Until next time–
Damn the man, save the Empire.
Yours truly,

Obsessive Reader by Night – Scientist at Day!
You can also find me on goodreads. I’d love to get to know you so, don’t be shy and say Hello!

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32 Responses to “cutie is waiting on… (wednesday)”

  1. I just added a link to Wiki with an explanation of Steampunk in this post. =)
    Hm… think The Rocketeer (the movie) and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (the movie). Or if you've read Soulless by Gale Carriger that has Steampunk in it too.
    I always forget what an uber nerd I am!
    And my enthusiasm is overwhelming… *blushes* I'm trying to work on that! LOL

  2. It's different from his other series. But truth be told, each of his series is extremely different. That's one of the reasons I enjoy his books so much.

  3. Uglies is great! I've pretty much read all his YA novels. I'm halfway through Specials (I had to take a break cause I got so verklempt) and I still have Extras to read. One of my favorite books of his was So Yesterday.

  4. I've been a huge Steampunk fan for years and years. It's a lot of fun. If you like Sci-Fi with an old school feel I think you will enjoy it. =)

  5. I LOVE Scott Westerfeld! His Peeps books are my favourite. I have heard of this one, but never looked into it much… I just watched the trailer and… WOW :O


    Thank you thank you thank you for posting the trailer. I'm now DESPERATE to get my hands on this….

  6. Peeps is a kick ass book! I *heart* Cal. And LOVED the twist on what vampies are and how they came to be.
    And the trailer for Leviathan is sofa king awesome. When I first saw it I was floored too and HAD to read it. =)

  7. All his books are awesome, in my very humbler opinion. Each has it's own distinct take on the world: Peeps is about vampires but they aren't you're run of the mill vampies, The Midnighters was crazy cool, and Uglies (which is what made him popular) is amazing.

  8. Hey Cutie! I read Leviathan a while ago, and liked it a tiny bit less than expected, but it was still good (not to mention the pictures in the book were amazing :))). I just finished reading his Peeps, and that I liked more than I thought I would, weird, huh? Anyhow, I'll certainly read Behemoth when it comes out. Thanks for reminding me about it!
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